Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, a leading provider of AI-powered document processing solutions for Trade Finance today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to use the combined power of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform and Generative AI (Gen AI) capabilities to tackle the most complex challenges within the Trade Finance industry.

A hybrid approach for breakthroughs:

This collaboration represents a significant shift in Trade Finance automation.’s Trade Finance platform, ClearTrade®, will work together with Microsoft Azure to enhance trade finance, by delivering solutions that offer accuracy, efficiency, and security. However, the true innovation lies in our relationship’s focus on building generative AI experiences. By carefully blending the strengths of prebuilt and curated models from Azure OpenAI Service with Cleareye’s domain and technical expertise, we bring advanced and comprehensive solutions for trade finance to the market.

A symphony of innovation: and Azure AI platform

This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds:

Azure provides with scalability, security, and access to a vast array of AI services via its platform. Azure’s robust compute, storage, and monitoring capabilities ensure seamless operation and reliable data management.’s proprietary AI models, honed through years of experience in Trade Finance, deliver accuracy and efficiency in document processing and data extraction. 

The Power of Hybrid AI:  Open and closed models and Microsoft are exploring a hybrid AI approach, strategically combining the strengths of closed and open models: 

Closed models:’s pre-trained AI models, optimised for specific Trade Finance tasks, ensure consistent performance and compliance. 

Open models: Microsoft’s Azure AI platform, including Azure OpenAI Service, brings flexibility and adaptability to address the ever-evolving complexities of Trade Finance. 

This hybrid approach allows to: 

Tackle complex use cases: By using the power of Azure AI Services can address previously intractable challenges in Trade Finance, such as nuanced document analysis and anomaly detection. 

Deliver accuracy:’s closed models ensure consistent high accuracy, while Azure OpenAI Service models continuously learn and refine, leading to ever-improving performance. 

Mariya George, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at said, “This collaboration with Microsoft represents a paradigm shift for Trade Finance automation. By combining the power of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform with the potential of Gen AI, we are on the verge of achieving significant breakthroughs. This hybrid approach will unlock a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation for the entire industry.” 

Peter Hazou, Director, Business Development, Financial Services at Microsoft sayid, “We are pleased to collaborate with to unlock the potential of AI in Trade Finance. By using the combined strengths of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform and’s expertise, we are committed to delivering a robust solution for our customers, enabling them to navigate the complex world of Trade Finance with greater confidence and agility.” 

This collaboration represents a significant leap forward for Trade Finance automation. By harnessing the power of AI and the robust capabilities of the Azure AI platform, and Microsoft are poised to deliver a future-proof solution that empowers businesses to operate in a more efficient, secure, and innovative trade landscape.