OPEC Fund Development Forum

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 

Schweizerhof, Hofburg, Heldenplatz


The OPEC Fund is pleased to announce the third OPEC Fund Development Forum, set to take place in 2024 under the theme “Driving Resilience & Equity.” This year’s forum aims to advance South-South cooperation, innovation, and inclusion, as the international development community collaborates for greater impact.

The 2024 Development Forum will provide an excellent opportunity to establish new and stronger partnerships while examining the current development finance architecture during this pivotal period. The discussions will focus on three key strategies to achieve the “last mile” of development and create tangible differences on the ground:

  1. Strengthening institutions
  2. Leveraging innovation for infrastructure
  3. Investing in people

The OPEC Fund is committed to making sustainable development a reality for all and invites stakeholders to join this vital effort. The organization looks forward to welcoming participants to the forum and encourages everyone to register for the event.

OPEC Fund Private Sector Operations – 25th Anniversary Event (by invitation only)

The OPEC Fund’s expansion into private sector operations 25 years ago marked a transformative moment, significantly enhancing its development impact. By leveraging the private sector for sustainable long-term development, the Fund has broadened its support and reach.
In collaboration with global partners, the OPEC Fund invites you to celebrate this milestone at their Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, on June 24, 2024. Join us for an afternoon of discussion and celebration as we chart a course for the future.