As a small or medium sized business it stands to reason that you will do what you need to in order to ensure the success (and growth) of your business.

Exporting For Small and Medium Enterprises

Recent figures show that if your business exports, then it is more likely to survive; yet only 1 in 5 UK SMEs currently do this. In fact, it is predicted that UK SMEs are losing out on around £9.2bn a year in trade finance simply because they do not know it exists!

One of the biggest reasons why businesses don’t export is due to lack of knowledge and confidence to start exporting initially, also, a lot of business owners are unaware that there are alternative finance options to help fund this. The benefits of exporting are huge; your profits won’t be heavily impacted by local economic or geopolitical events, you can grow your company sustainably and develop your product offering. There are government initiatives that can help with this too.

How You Can Get Access To Trade Finance

Here at Trade Finance Global we provide comprehensive information on trade finance and help you to access it. Our network spans across the UK, so get in touch with one of our expert advisers to see if the next stage in financing your businesses growth could be done by a trade finance facility.

Our network of specialist advisors have helped numerous businesses, whether they are a new start looking to fulfil their first shipment, or a global business looking for more competitive terms to fund their next transaction. Get in touch with us, or we can call you back and discuss your possible options.