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At the IFC Global Trade Partners meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Trade Finance Global’s Editor, Deepesh Patel, sat down with Parvaiz Dalal, Global Head of Trade Payables at Citi, to discuss the bank’s recent collaboration with the IFC and its implications for supply chain finance.

According to Dalal, Citi has signed up with the IFC’s Global Supply Chain Finance Program, marking an expansion of their long-standing relationship with the IFC. This partnership is designed to enhance Citi’s ability to offer comprehensive financing solutions, particularly targeting the smallest suppliers in emerging markets.

Dalal highlighted the importance of this collaboration, “We have a very long-standing relationship with the IFC, participating in various programmes like Global Trade Liquidity Program (GTLP) and Global Trade Finance Program (GTFP). This new venture allows us to extend our reach in global supply chain finance, particularly in emerging markets. Our goal is to complete our client value chain by providing last-mile financing to the smallest suppliers.”

This initiative is important for enabling small suppliers in emerging markets to access necessary funding, thereby strengthening the entire supply chain.

Dalal further emphasised the strategic importance of this partnership, “The IFC’s involvement helps us offer deep-tier financing, which is essential for completing our client value chain and ensuring every supplier in the program can access financing.”

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Hear from Parvaiz Dalal