Host: Deepesh Patel, Editor, Trade Finance, Trade Finance Global

Featuring: Natasha Condon, Global Head of Core Trade at J.P. Morgan

Trade Finance Global’s Editor Deepesh Patel hears from Natasha Condon, Global Head of Core Trade at J.P. Morgan, on how the trade finance market has fared in recent months, since joining the bank in March.

With a renewed focus on diversity and sustainability, as well as working in volatile and uncertain market conditions, we discussed what this means for the future of core trade and how the bank is adapting.

This video covers the following:

Introduction – trade overview

  • How is J.P. Morgan helping its corporate customers since the onset of the pandemic?
  • What were the biggest challenges for global trade in 2020?
trade overview

Framing the problem

  • Is the utilization of trade facilities from a corporate perspective changing?

Alternative finance and trade finance as an asset class

  • Is there more liquidity coming into the trade finance market?
  • Is trade finance a good asset class?
  • How does all of this uncertainty and volatility affect corporate buying decisions, treasury functions, and access to trade and receivables finance as a whole?

Tackling the diversity challenge in trade finance

  • We’ve all found ourselves operating in a new ‘virtual’ environment, how has this affected some of the key issues around diversity and inclusion that still exist in our industry?

diversity challenge

Women in trade finance 2020

TFG spoke to a number of influential women and inspirational leaders in global trade this year. Read our interviews and features here.

Trade outlook for 2021

  • What are your bold plans for the core trade team at J.P. Morgan over the next 6 months?