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Trade Finance Global (TFG), a leading trade finance platform, and Tinubu, a global credit risk and trade credit insurance provider, are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar exploring the potential solutions to the trade finance gap in Africa through credit insurance and export credit. The event will take place on 10 July 2023 at 12:00 PM BST, featuring prominent industry experts as panel speakers.

Despite Africa’s immense potential, major economies have often overlooked it. However, recent developments such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) expansion and the involvement of multilateral organisations and international financial institutions have sparked a renewed interest in the region.

To establish a sustainable and prosperous trade credit insurance industry in Africa, addressing various questions and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders is imperative. This Tradecast aims to bring together leaders from both the public and private sectors to discuss and chart a path towards an open, sustainable, and successful trade credit insurance market on the African continent.

The Tradecast will explore crucial topics, including the trade finance and credit insurance landscape in Africa, geopolitical and macroeconomic factors, untapped market opportunities, integrating new technologies, access to finance and liquidity challenges, prospects for credit insurance, and the role of African finance players in supporting trade and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The panel of speakers for this event includes:

  • Moderator: Deepesh Patel, Editorial Director, TFG
  • Adedayo Adesanmi, Energy and Infrastructure Trade Finance Specialist, Standard Bank
  • Shuichi Hayashida, Head of West and Central Africa, MIGA
  • Jérôme Pezé, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tinubu
  • George RR Wilson, Head Institutional Trade Finance, Investec
  • Richard Wulff, Executive Manager, ICISA

TFG and Tinubu invite all industry professionals, policymakers, financiers, and trade enthusiasts to participate in this engaging and informative webinar. By joining this event, attendees will gain valuable insights into the African credit insurance landscape and contribute to the collective effort to bridge the trade finance gap on the continent. Register for the webinar and secure your spot below.

Feat Image Tinubu and TFG Webinar Banner Credit insurance, export credit and funds- how do we solve the African trade finance gap?