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In the world of commerce, where deals are made,
Trade finance comes to aid,
To facilitate transactions across the globe,
In different forms, they are bestowed.

Trade finance products, oh how diverse they be,
A range of options to meet every company’s need.
From letters of credit to factoring, and more,
Each with its own purpose, a unique score.

First, let’s talk about letters of credit,
A guarantee of payment, a safety net.
The importer’s bank assures the exporter’s pay,
Ensuring the shipment goes on its way.

Then there’s trade finance loans,
A lifeline for businesses seeking to grow.
Borrowed funds for purchases and production,
An investment in the future of your operation.

Invoice financing, a popular choice,
For businesses with cash flow woes to voice.
By selling their invoices, they can receive
Immediate payment, and relief they achieve.

And let’s not forget about factoring,
A form of finance that’s quite nurturing.
The factor buys the receivables, in turn,
Providing cash to the business, the funds they yearn.

Lastly, supply chain finance,a newer product,
Connecting buyers, sellers, and financial conduct.
With optimised cash flow, reduced risk and cost,
The entire supply chain is effectively embossed.

Trade finance products, an essential tool,
To facilitate global trade, and make it cool.

So surely we can agree,
That whatever your business needs may be,
There’s a trade finance product (or two, or three)
To help you grow exponentially!