Trade Finance Global (TFG) is delighted to announce that it will serve as a media partner for ICC United Kingdom’s Digital Trade Conference, taking place from 6-8 April.

Are we ready to trade digitally? 

The international digital trade ecosystem is undergoing a radical transformation, enabling the industry to dramatically cut the cost and complexity of trade activities, improve access to trade finance, and increase exports and economic growth.

​​Transformation is taking place across three key pillars as set out by the ICC Digital Trade Roadmap: removing legal barriers and aligning legal frameworks; establishing open, interoperable digital standards; and supporting industry to adopt and transform trade operations.

The event will take place virtually over three days in April, and will focus on preparing the industry to capitalise on these developments, with specific attention on establishing an interoperable digital trade environment.

Deepesh Patel, editorial director at Trade Finance Global (TFG), said: “The UK is at the forefront of digitalising trade, and the adoption of the UNCITRAL and MLETR into common law is happening at a rapid pace. 

“We see this as an enabler for truly digital trade, which is why we are so excited to partner with ICC United Kingdom for the ICC Digital Trade Conference.”

Who is the event for?

The ICC Digital Trade Conference is for anyone involved in international trade. Primarily a technical event, this conference is aimed at software and hardware managers, programmers, heads of departments, sector trade experts and practitioners, decision-makers, and corporate treasurers.

Some of the webinar topics include:

  • Transforming the Warehousing Sector
  • Modernising Trade Finance Practices, Building the Business Case
  • Digitalising commodity transactions
  • Digitalising and standardising shipping and logistics trade systems
  • Digital identification as a building block for future trade
  • The Future for Digital Trade