LONDON, 11th August, 2021. Trade Finance Global announces its support of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance’s (GTPA) Adaptive Trade Leadership program. Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World is a unique virtual development program designed to equip mid-senior managers from across the globe with a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership, as well as the key skills and trade knowledge required to transform their leadership effectiveness, problem-solving skills, and understanding of key trade issues in order to prepare them for a successful future in today’s global business environment.

This trade leadership program is over a four-month period to provide leaders with the opportunity to instil and apply the lessons learned to their organisational context. Participants will receive ISO/IEC 17024 certification as a global trade professional as well as qualify for participation in the Seven Summits Challenge (SSTC).

During this time participants will engage in deep experiential learning and remain closely connected to the program through a combination of:

  • Access to a custom-designed online learning platform, accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone, where you can access learning materials (e.g., videos, articles, interactive activities and links), interact with program facilitators and peers, and engage in a combination of flexible and structured online learning activities and obtain feedback;
  • Virtual experiential learning modules and workshops, which enable participants to work around their busy schedules whilst also providing structured opportunities for meaningful interaction with facilitators and peers
  • Tools, frameworks, and practices proven to help participants effectively address workplace challenges and enhance their capacity to lead and influence global teams;
  • Online, simulated global business case study which provide participants with the opportunity to explore and address major challenges facing global businesses, and to apply their learning to create sustainable change;
  • Discussions and networking opportunities with leading experts from the government and the private sector; and purposeful interactions with peers outside the virtual classroom
  • Ongoing mentoring with industry and business experts.

Delivered in collaboration with world-leading online education designer, Practera, participants in the Adaptive Trade Leadership in a Globalised World will engage in a highly experiential online educational offering that fully exploits the latest cutting-edge developments in online education design and pedagogy.

The program will cover prominent topics, such as:

  • The foundations of Adaptive Leadership
  • Understanding mindset and how we  make decisions 
  • Leadership and complexity /  unpredictability
  • Identifying simple, complicated and  complex aspects of problems and how  to respond 
  • Observation & Interpretation: understanding the actions, behaviours  and patterns of others and their impact
  • Tools and techniques to act and make progress on complex challenges
  • Identifying and managing the business  impact of trade policy 
  • Building resilience in Global Value Chains (GVCs) 
  • Digital transformation