TFG is proud to be supporting City & Financial Global’s virtual summit on the New Global Sanctions Regime taking place on the 12th of July of 2021.

This year’s event will look at how the geopolitical landscape has changed since Brexit and how different European, UK and US regimes will impact international trade. Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, there has been a shift in the legal and regulatory regime in terms of the UK’s domestic agenda. However, the Summit attracts global financial institutions, multinationals and UK companies trading internationally and, as such, will look at the global repercussions of changes to sanctions regulation.

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A City & Financial Global Virtual Summit

The one-day virtual guide on complying with the UK, European and US sanctions regulations will cover:

  • The UK’s current and future sanctions agenda
  • Threats and opportunities in the EU’s current sanctions regime, in particular as regards its relationship with China
  • How far and how fast the UK’s regime is diverging from the EU
  • Developments in US sanctions policy under the Biden administration
  • Reporting requirements and the tactical complexities of voluntary reporting
  • What will be the practical effect of changes to the US sanctions regime for global institutions?
  • International co-operation and cross-border enforcement
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