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Today TFG is delighted to announce the launch of its global customs hub.

The aim of the customs hub is to help businesses ease some of the uncertainty around customs and international trade rules.

For many business owners, the thought of looking beyond their own borders and into international markets is already daunting.

Expanding horizons and looking into new markets, however, can open a realm of opportunities for businesses. With a little knowledge and support, entering new markets is not just feasible, but can be highly lucrative.

With over 11 pages of customs-related content, several videos and podcasts, latest news and insights, the customs hub is now freely available on the TFG.

This guide consists of a series of pages and topics diving into all aspects of international customs and customs clearance.

It can loosely be divided into four interconnected sections: an overview of the process and what to be aware of, important customs documents, the standardised codes and nomenclature, and some of the tools and services that exist to make customs easier for importers and exporters.

Key questions:

– Do you know your HS from your HSN to your HST codes?
– How are import controls different to export controls?
– Are your phytosanitary certificates all in order?
– What are Certificates of Origin?
– What are customs brokers and are you familiar with the customs clearance process?
– What are Single Window Systems? Hint: it’s nothing to do with double glazing!

Contents: TFG Customs Hub

1 | Introduction to Customs
2 | HSN Codes

3 | HS Codes
4 | HTS Codes
5 | Import Controls
6 | Export Controls
7 | Phytosanitary Certificates
8 | Certificates of Origin
9 | Customs Brokers
10 | Single Window Systems
11 | Customs Clearance Process