Trade Finance Global is excited to announce it’s partnership with the UK Government’s Exporting is GREAT (EiG) campaign.

Exporting overseas presents numerous opportunities to UK businesses, beyond just increasing profit. 

Following a tumultuous start to the year and a weakened pound versus major currencies, UK exporters have been faced with potential opportunities to expand their presence overseas and compete on a global market. 

Given that just 4% of global GDP is UK focused, trading abroad could seem like a no brainer for British business. However, a number of challenges around customs and taxes, finding the right customer, finance exports, and understanding the nuances of trading in different jurisdictions remains. 

In a recent survey, some 50% of businesses are looking to grow their international presence overseas, up from the previous year. Despite a drop in confidence and a retraction for spending on R&D, business owners still have the appetite to 

That’s why Trade Finance Global are proudly standing behind the EiG campaign. EiG offers a wealth of resources and a network of advisers, experts and talent who are there to help businesses grow their international presence. 

As well as providing financial assistance and structures for trade and export finance, TFG will utilise EiG to help businesses access other services which help them trade abroad, such as Freight Forwarders and Legal specialists. 

Trade Finance Global offers a wealth of export and trade finance information for SMEs right through to multinationals, when it comes to accessing the right types of finance to trade overseas.

Find out more about Exporting is GREAT here.