The VIVE Programme announced that the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has joined the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme and will be completing the shipping module in 2022.

MSC is a container shipping company with a network of road, rail, and sea transport resources.

This new partnership will enable MSC to verify sustainability across its operations.

The VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme is designed to provide a sustainability solution covering the agricultural ingredient supply chain, from field to end-user.

As the backbone of global trade, shipping has a key role in ensuring sustainable value chains. 

In light of the complexities of container shipping including the different and more stringent set of criteria used to measure its environmental footprint compared to bulk shipping, VIVE will be working closely with MSC to extend its Shipping Module to account for sustainability risks associated with container vessels. 

MSC’s approach is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a sustainability roadmap and priorities that guide its sustainability journey, maintaining a focus on the areas where it can make a positive environmental and social impact.


We are delighted to participate in the VIVE programme to strengthen the sustainability credentials of MSC,” Stefania Lallai, MSC’s vice president for sustainability, said. 

VIVE is very much aligned with our end-to-end approach in the way it takes into consideration the whole supply chain, of which shipping is a critical part. 

“Through the VIVE Container Shipping Module, we benefit from a valuable third-party perspective to help us further understand, monitor, and continually improve our sustainability performance.”

Emma Cullen, global supply chain logistic manager at CZ said: “As a trusted supply chain partner of Czarnikow’s for over 20 years, collaboration and innovation have always been at the forefront of our relationship with MSC. 

“Through our partnership on the VIVE Container Shipping Module, we have the exciting opportunity to combine expertise to deliver sustainable solutions across an integral part of our global supply chains.”