In light of the recent news on postponing a Commons vote on the deal, this content could assist your business with decision making. We’ve now released the highlights videos and interviews from the event, as well as your survey results and a series of infographics following the event.

Trade Finance Global, in partnership with Gateley Plc and Nucleus Commercial Finance have now released a series of infographics and short video guides following their event, aimed at helping businesses survive around Brexit.

Earlier this year we hosted the ‘Ultimate Business Guide to Brexit’ with Gateley Plc and Nucleus Commercial Finance. You can watch interviews with our expert speakers and a highlights video here.


Top 3 business concerns in terms of Brexit

Are businesses planning for Brexit?

Do you think there will be a Brexit deal by March?

Is volatility in the pound affecting businesses?

Topics and Videos

What should SME’s be doing in order to preparing for Brexit?

What are businesses worried about around Brexit?

Raising Finance

International Trade and Brexit

Customs, Trade and Tariffs

What is the impact of the media on Brexit?

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About The Poll

Attendees were polled live at the event and are a blend of business leaders and those who advise and support business leaders such as intermediaries and accountants. 51 respondents took part.

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