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Trade Ledger, in collaboration with Microsoft, announced the launch of Aida—a working capital analysis, product matching, and product application tool. Utilising generative artificial intelligence, Aida aims to change how small and medium-sized businesses manage cash flow. The product is set for release on Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace in Q2 of January 2024.

Aida uses Trade Ledger’s data layer and pipeline, supported by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service and Synapse for warehousing and insights. The solution includes cognitive search for data indexing and querying. Microsoft Teams serves as the user interface for interaction with Aida, a chatbot designed for working capital queries.

Deployed by Accenture, the beta version of Aida will be available to banking clients. “There has been much focus on embedding bank credit products in business channels, however, most banks are confusing channel integration with embedded finance. Delivering working capital solutions in a conversational interface via Microsoft Teams, results in a scalable embedded business lending initiative,” says Martin McCann, CEO and co-founder of Trade Ledger. Aida interprets conversational queries, deploys algorithmic inquiries, and provides actionable insights.

Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, Financial Services Industry at Microsoft, notes, “Trade Ledger’s Bank solution integrates Trade Ledger’s data model and solutions with the power of Azure OpenAI Service, giving commercial banks the opportunity to embrace Generative AI in a powerful, compliant and secure manner for the benefit of their business customers.”

A user agreement with Trade Ledger is required for usage of Aida, ensuring secure and compliant operation.

In summary, Aida is a financial assistant for providing insights into working capital management. With the complexities that small and medium-sized businesses face in financial management, Aida aims to become a tool in optimising the cash-to-cash cycle.