Following the whirlwind that global markets have been through over the last two to three years, people are wanting to meet up and find out what has changed and where do we go from here. 

During the crisis, it was clear that factoring was one of the best methods when it comes to trade finance, assisting in working capital and protection, especially for SMEs.

The factoring market in Europe has always been strong and resilient, representing around 68% of the total global market, with €1,842 billion in volume for 2020. This will only increase as our markets move into the post-pandemic era. 

FCI and the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance (EUF) are two of the largest factoring associations, representing over 98% of all European market players.

On 4-5 April, FCI and EUF will host the seventh annual EU Factoring Summit, which will take place both online and in Rome, Italy.

The purpose of the event is to provide a unique opportunity for industry leaders to network and address topics that really matter. The programme will update and educate attendees on topics such as:

  • An update on the most recent evolutions on the European factoring scene
  • Understanding the definition of default regulations and what the implications and actions are
  • What the factoring industry is like in Italy
  • A report from EUF Technical Committees on what roused the factoring industry in 2021
  • What the consequences of the late payment directive are
  • What some of the key take-aways are for the updated legal study
  • Where technology and fintech developments are headed
  • What the digital finance agenda of the EU Commission is

All of these topics will be presented, discussed, and debated by leading industry experts.

Some of the confirmed speakers include the likes of:

  • Magdalena Barczak (Economic and Statistics Committee)
  • Daniela Bonzanini (FCI)
  • Gaia Cioci (CRIF)
  • Antonella Correra (European Commission)
  • Louis-Marie Durand (Euralia)
  • Fausto Galmarini (Assifact Italy & EUF)
  • Vitor Graça (ALF)
  • Françoise Palle Guillabert (EUF)
  • Diego Tavecchia (PRC Committee)
  • Magdalena Wessel (Legal Committee)

This event will explore a new way of conferencing through a hybrid format. We will be hosting the physical event in Rome, Italy, and will be live-streaming it through the Cvent digital event platform.

Both this platform and the official FCI App will be available to all attendees, giving everyone the best opportunity to network, no matter where they are participating from. 

Discuss the latest updates and get involved in promoting the industry by registering to attend this year’s EU Factoring Summit via