Accra, Ghana. ANDA GLOBAL recently announced a new partnership with EST Group of Companies represented by EST GLOBAL Inc. based at Cambridge Innovation Center, MIT, Boston. This partnership will enable the two to deploy EST GLOBAL’s digital banking platform which is working for the development and financial inclusion in several countries. It is a Composite Banking platform backed by DLT, AI, IOT, Machine Learning and Robotics.


Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar

“EST Group is focused on development and highest priority is accorded to banking the unbanked, financial inclusion and rural development. We are already in Africa partnering with Ecobank launching the digital banking lending platform EST Lend. And with ANDA we shall create the commodification and commercialization of Agriculture with supply and trade of agricultural products all based on blockchain and AI analytics. With our Blockchain based EST COOP and Farmers Blockchain, we are trying to contribute to change” says Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Co-Chairman and Founder of EST Group.”

Anthony Awasom

“Anda Global is revolutionizing the agro-commodities farming, trade and finance landscape in West Africa” says Anthony Awasom, Founder, CEO at ANDA GLOBAL “This new partnership is to enable the trade in commodities safer, smarter and faster”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

  • Effective agricultural data capture, management, investment, and financing agricultural infrastructure.
  • Building sustainable agri-food systems – reducing food losses, security, and safety.
  • Empowering and supporting smallholder farmers across the value chains and integration into global and local supply chains.

About ANDA GLOBAL: ANDA is an agri-food commodities marketplace, pairing producers, buyers and financiers while connecting participants and enabling them for global discovery, contracting, financing, payments and settlements.

The Platform promotes sustainable, ethical practices and empowers local communities and surrounding economies. The end consumer also benefits from the increased traceability and transparency provided on the platform that contributes to their bottom line and the communities they source goods from.

About EST Global: EST shall be launching their Farmer’s Blockchain app to provide the multi-faceted development to the agricultural sector. It focusses on agriculture and MSME with all their variations and various role-cycles to create a holistic environment for development. It shall provide the basis for Agriculture 4.0 backed by the latest technology not only for the agricultural practices but also for the marketing and trading of the agri food and non-food products within Ghana and exports from Ghana.

The coming together of EST and ANDA shall be a major tool and medium of change in Ghana. It shall create empowerment, decentralization and credibility in the agricultural sector for rural development.