This week at the Berne Union spring meeting, 74 export credit agencies, multilateral institutions, private banks, and credit insurers met in Istanbul.

In addition to discussing underwriting trends and strategic priorities for the industry, the participants discussed climate change, energy, and pandemic recovery.

Berne Union President Michal Ron said: “Just as we were emerging from one of the most economically challenging periods in modern history a fresh crisis has re-amplified risk and uncertainty, threatening the fragile recovery we have been nurturing over the past 12 months. 

“As an industry, our most urgent priority is to support businesses through the acute geopolitical and economic stress of the war, widespread inflation and lingering trade disruption. 

“But equally important in the long term is ensuring that we are equipped to tackle the unprecedented structural adjustments driven by climate change and global energy transition.” 

During the meeting, Berne union released preliminary estimates of industry performance in 2021.

Ron said: “We have seen positive indications of recovery from business in 2021 and a return to growth of both trade and investment. 

“We recognise huge potential opportunities for financing the technologies and economies of the future and despite the multitude of current challenges, we remain hopeful that these can help to deliver a sustained recovery

“Going forward, as always, the importance of dialogue, cooperation and innovation cannot be overstated and I am grateful that this year we can continue to meet in person and engage fruitfully on these important matters within the Berne Union Community.” 

Berne Union Member Turk Eximbank is hosting the meeting.

Turk Eximbank CEO Ali Güney said: “In a time when the world is faced with pressing geopolitical and financial challenges, the Berne Union’s Spring Meeting has been a crucially important gathering, keeping the pulse of investment and export credit insurance. 

“We are more than glad to hold this meeting in Istanbul, it is indeed an extraordinary time with broad implications for trade and development. 

“The Berne Union, with its publications and the platform it provides for exchanges of valuable information as well as formations of critical partnerships, serves as a beacon across such an unpredictable economic landscape for the industry. 

“On behalf of Turk Eximbank team, I would like to once again express my pleasure in taking part in the gathering of the spring meeting and thank all those who contributed.”