Trade Finance Global (TFG) is set to introduce a livestream (Tradecast) at this year’s Sibos conference, in Toronto. 

A first for the industry, Trade Finance Global (TFG) has partnered with several major organisations in the trade, treasury, and payments space to come together and speak openly about an often overlooked yet invaluable segment in the industry: the LGBTQ+ community.

The webinar, hosted by TFG’s editor Deepesh Patel, aims to discuss the often-overlooked issues around LGBTQ+ inclusion in the trade, treasury, and payments sectors and will be aired on Tuesday 19 September at 9:00 EST / 14:00 BST / 15:00 CET.

The event will feature a panel of industry leaders: Catherine Lang-Anderson, partner at Allen & Overy; Natasha Condon, global head of trade sales at J.P. Morgan; Roberto Leva, trade and supply chain finance relationship manager at the Asian Development Bank; Rogier van Lammeren, managing director, head of trade and working capital products at Lloyds Bank; and Alan Koenigsberg, SVP Visa commercial solutions at Visa.

The livestream will be structured around three main themes:

1. Personal perspectives and intersectionality: Panelists will share personal stories and discuss the value of visible role models in the industry.

2. The role of allies: The importance of allies in creating an inclusive environment will be a focal point, with discussions on how they can educate themselves and others, challenge discriminatory behaviour, and create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals.

3. Future directions: The panel will discuss policy recommendations and actions that the industry can take to foster a more inclusive environment, including the role of senior leadership in setting the tone for an organisation’s inclusivity efforts.

For more details and to watch the webinar, visit TFG’s page which will allow you to register and sign up for the livestream for free.

This livestream will be available on LinkedIn Live, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the TFG website.