Treasury Management – Now Launched!

One of the most vital components in the business operations of any enterprise; treasury management is even more important today than ever before.

Today Trade Finance Global announced the launch of it’s Treasury and Trade Hub. A hub of content and educational resources on trade, treasury, risk and cash management, TFG have published a series of content on treasury management. Access the hub here.

Functions of the Treasury Department

Cash and Liquidity Management – One of the most important sub-functions of treasury management, cash management aims to maximise available cash and minimise shortfalls as quickly as possible.

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Liquidity and Risk Management in Treasury – The assessment and management of risks to liquidity to ensure that the business can always meet its financial obligations.

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Corporate Finance – Concerned with making both short and long-term financial and investment decisions to maximise value to the shareholders.

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Cash Flow and Advanced Forecasting – Identifying cash deficits and surplus in future months to help you to plan ahead.

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Treasury Management Systems and Software – The automation of important financial operations using systems which facilitate communication between treasury departments and their banking partners.

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Trade Finance Software – Software designed to help businesses find trade finance solutions and deal with accounts receivables, factoring payments and assets.

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Trade Financial Supply Chain Management – Financing for all phases of the supply chain.

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