As media partners of the Receivables Finance International Convention, held in London this March, Trade Finance Global took a deep dive into what can be expected from the 19th Annual RFIx.

Whether you’re attending the convention yourself, or looking to attend (it’s not too late), here are 5 key questions you should be asking, learning about and debating at RFIx on the 6th and 7th March.

Following on from a year of geopolitical events and conflict, the convention will be attracting world-leading speakers, thought leaders and industry experts across the receivables, factoring and trade industry, discussing the hottest topics on 2019 and beyond.

What is the future of receivables finance?

With sluggish growth in developed markets, pockets of opportunities across emerging markets, and a technology-driven competitive landscape, where should banks and liquidity providers be putting their bets down for 2019? Peter Mulroy, secretary general of the FCI will be discussing some of the key trends over the last 12 months, key drivers of change in domestic and cross-border factoring markets, and areas of growth and opportunity flagged for the coming months. TFG have already spoken to FCI’s latest chapter directors; Lin Hui, on China, and Betül Kurtulus on Central Europe and the Middle East, as well as Yüce Uyanik, FCI legal committee on non-recourse factoring developments for SMEs.

How is digitalisation and fintech changing the receivables finance space?

Cloud based, API driven and distributed-ledger technologies are presenting huge opportunities in the receivables, trade and insurance space. With mixed views on whether shiny new technologies are really enhancing the customer journey, driving efficiencies and reducing operational costs and fraud, or just a PR hype, Brian Shanahan, Founder at Informita will be shedding insight in his panel session at RFIx. Having recently announced the Tradetech40, TFG spoke to ITFA’s Andre Casterman on digitalisation in the trade and supply chain space.

What does factoring look like in emerging markets?

A factoring insight: Africa, Latin America, and Asian Market Overview

Factoring continues offer attractive yield opportunities in emerging markets: Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. That said, challenges around regulatory framework, local government initiatives, and bank risk appetite hinder growth from liquidity providers.

TFG recently worked with Ocorian to put together a piece on African Trade Finance predictions in 2019.

RFIx will feature speakers from Afrexim Bank, CDC Group, RBRD, HSBC and UniCredit Bank S.A about the role of fintechs and alternative financiers, risk mitigation and current initiatives to close the $1.5 trillion USD trade finance gap.

How can you combat fraud and manage risk in factoring?

With the trade and receivables space a target for fraudulent transactions, terrorist transactions and risk, a digitilised ecosystem might help mitigate and track criminal activity. Instruments such as the BPO, DLT based records for trade transactions and advanced technology are ones that come to front of mind. RFIx will hear from experts at Equinti Riskfactor, Prof.Schumann GmbH and MonetaGo on the ways that firms are thinking about risk mitigation, combating fraud and minimising losses in 2019. We spoke to AIG’s Head of Trade Finance, Marilyn Blattner-Hoyle on how AIG is looking at insurance wrapped trade finance applications using distributed ledger technologies beyond just the pilot phase.

What are the Future Predictions and Industry Thoughts for Receivables?

In the age of fintech and digital transformation, looking at how fintechs, banks and liquidity providers can serve the SME market, seizing partnership opportunities between banks and fintechs, as well as reinventing the customer journey in receivables, RFIx will be discussing and debating the future predictions and thoughts for 2019.

As Media Partners at the 19th Receivables Finance International Convention this year, Trade Finance Global will be covering the latest updates, key themes and take homes in London on the 6th and 7th March. But rather than wait, why not come along to RFIx to get access to the latest themes, hear from the experts and join the debate? Find out more here.

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