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December. A time for reflection. A time to look over the highlights, review the troubles and successes of the past year. 

What a year it has been for Trade Finance Global. We took the time to review over 500 pieces of content to bring you the most popular themes, articles, podcasts, and videos. 

2022 has been a volatile year, especially for global trade and finance

Here we reflect on our most popular topics, the accomplishments of the year, the hottest headlines, and the key themes of 2022.

Thank you to all of our readers, viewers, listeners, followers, and subscribers!

⭐️ Top Highlights of 2022

  • $943 million term sheets offered on our platform
  • You read our articles 1.56 million times
  • We produced 559 pieces of content and 63 podcasts and videos
  • We released 6 magazines and 2 guide series 
  • You listened to 697,400 minutes of our podcasts
  • We reached over 2 million social impressions across our social media platforms
  • We are now on Google News
  • Our videos racked up over 88,000 views – that’s 4.3k hours of viewing time
  • We partnered with 59 events and conferences

🚀 Most trending hubs and topics on TFG

  1. Incoterms
  2. Letters of Credit
  3. Structured Finance
  4. Documentary collections
  5. Electronic trade documents

📰 Top trade stories and headlines

  1. Central Bank of Egypt orders banks to quit documentary collections and replace with LCs
  2. UK introduces electronic trade documents bill into parliament
  3. State Bank of Pakistan introduces exchange controls as dollar soars
  4. ‘Heatflation’ warning as 2022 EU crop harvests affected by climate change
  5. Standard Chartered and ADM launch sustainable export letter of credit programme
  6. WTO and WEF launch new joint TradeTech report
  7. Standardising electronic bills of lading
  8. FCI releases world factoring statistics

🎙 Top podcasts of the year

  1. Evolution of the UCP600 supplementing rules for documentary credits
  2. The factoring industry boom
  3. Ships, sanctions, and suspicious vessels
  4. Technology can reduce risk and save costs
  5. Global trade resilience
  6. Partnerships, digitalisation, and helping SMEs triumph in uncertain times

📹 Top videos of the year

  1. The future of trade: NFTs and a metaverse economy
  2. Berne Union’s export credit insurance update and progressing climate change action
  3. Veridapt and DrumRisk on bridging the physical and financial commodity supply chains using technology
  4. A view on Asian trade – key themes
  5. ICC’s Vincent O’Brien on trade in the UAE
  6. Swiss Re’s Basil Louvaris on credit insurance and the US market
  7. Trade digitisation: the legal framework that will facilitate efficient trade
  8. Energy crisis: difficult decisions and the cold winter ahead
  9. Key to digitalisation – reducing the trade finance gap without creating unfair biases

Seasons greetings, and Happy New Year from the TFG Team. See you all in 2023!