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TFG is the largest website in the world for trade finance. Always online, we serve 7.1M Google impressions each month and 2.1M pageviews per year.

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TFG is an ungated, highly accessible and trusted source for global trade information and education, providing up to date views and insights, research and data, every day, everywhere.

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Trade Finance Talks offers an end-to-end marketing solutions for corporates, banks, vendors and insurers. TFG delivers insights, storytelling and engagement that will connect your brand with senior business audiences.

Thought Leadership
We design and conduct in-depth articles, studies and research on the changing world of trade, receivables and trade credit insurance. Amplify the voices of the leaders in your organisation.

Brand Awareness
Display your branded content across our multiple channels, helping drive deep engagement with senior industry executives. Tell your story to our highly engaged audience, driving top of funnel customer-centric awareness.

TFG’s data-driven reach is delivered in print, digital and at live events, providing your brand with a platform to reach and engage with decision makers throughout the year.

Trade Audience

TFG’s readers are banks and corporates. We don’t have a subscriber only paywall, so our content reaches not just the C-suite / decision-makers, but also operations, trade compliance and other teams.

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TFG: Snapshot Audience

Monthly sessions

Unique pageviews per year

Public and private companies access the website monthly

Monthly social media impressions

Push enabled devices and web browsers that TFG push notifies upon release of news / insights

Monthly Twitter impressions (1.7% engagement rate)

Email database

Numerous Channels

TFG’s publishing platform covers news and insights across print & digital magazines, guides, research papers, podcasts and video. We partner with 40 of the largest trade conferences around the world.

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Trade Finance Talks Magazine
Digital (c10k reads) and print (10k). Syndicated to heads of trade and supply chain finance, distributed at our partner conferences.

Trade Finance Talks Podcast
3.3k Downloads per month, 22m Average duration.

Trade Finance Talks TV
TFT TV covers short insights and exclusive video interviews from leaders in international trade, transaction banking and treasury.

Trade Finance PR News Wire
Publish and push notify your PRs to 16.4k browsers, and include them in our 28k weekly bulletin.

TFG Trade Briefing
Weekly video with the top stories in trade, released on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

And much more… including research, insights, guides and webinars.

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Online search is the new normal – where are you?

75k Google searches / sec

Online search is growing at 15% per year. With many players in the market, being front of mind during research queries is key.

That’s why at TFG, we appear in 6.2 million searches a month. That’s 30k different search terms, across the 2.6k pages of content we have. Let us amplify your thought leadership and expertise.

LinkedIn has 100m daily users

LinkedIn alone houses half a billion users. Most C-Suites and decision makers spend time here to keep in touch with the industry.

TFG has a leading trade audience, with 146k monthly social impressions and 8k followers (and growing) across all social channels, promoting the brands we work with, every day. Let your audience find you, through us.

1 billion hours of video / day

Video is gaining share of the search market, with people turning to streaming platforms to find the most up to date information.

Trade Finance Talks TV was launched to democratise trade finance for all. 25.3k minutes of content are consumed on TFG’s YouTube each month. Join us on our journey to be the largest video streaming platform for trade. Where are you?

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Most online search will be through voice by 2025, so many businesses will be fed information through connected devices.

TFG are leaders in rich information and structured data content, across all search channels. Distance learning and self teaching are becoming the norm for trade professionals through webinars, videos, podcasts and eBooks.

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Trade Finance Without Barriers

Reach decision makers in trade, commodities, insurance and export

Trade Finance Global (TFG) is the leading trade finance platform. We assist companies to access trade and receivables finance through our relationships with banks, funds and alternative finance houses.

Our award-winning educational portal, Trade Finance Talks, serves an audience of 160k+ monthly readers across 187 countries, covering news and insights across print & digital magazines, guides, research papers, podcasts and video.

PR Wires

Exclusive Interviews

Brand Campaigns





Thought Leadership


Conference Partnership


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Introducing TFG Tradecasts

A new way to position your company as a thought leader and stay in touch with the industry as new ways of working develop. Our ungated community tradecasts (webinars) encourage conversation from the international trade community and will provide instant, live and online updates. TFG will facilitate discussions and debates using its webinar platform. The tradecasts will be available on-demand and stored for future playback

Our Partnerships

TFG partners with the world’s leading organisations, conference providers and associations

Case Studies

Here’s how we’ve helped companies grow their presence or achieve their objectives


Launched the 2021 Women In Trade campaign #choosetochallenge in collaboration with AIG, showcasing their values on the importance of promoting further gender equality in the industry.

View Case Study


Brand awareness building through a quantitative research study. Worked with TFG’s network to create 2020 predictions infographic for the trade and SCF industry.

View Case Study


Key trade finance industry insights from ITFA through our video series. Featured content includes, trade digitalisation, trade finance––emerging markets, trade finance as an asset class and sustainability and ESG.

View Case Study

Standard Chartered

An awareness piece on the changing nature of global supply chains, Kai Fehr, global head of trade and working capital, and Samuel Mathew, global head of flow and financial institution trade spoke with TFG.

View Case Study


Promoting Tinubu through a virtual tradecast, looking at 4 different sectors of the trade credit insurance industry, and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical issues and inflation.

View Case Study


Showcasing Visa’s knowledge in the cross-border B2B payments landscape, through a video interview with their global head of Visa B2B Connect, Ben Ellis.

View Case Study

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About the Author

Persiana is Marketing Executive at Trade Finance Global.

Persiana did a joint degree in Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University London and Bocconi University of Milan.

Her interests include macroeconomic policy, sustainable development and green finance, central banking, treasury and payment systems.

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