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Mantissa has partnered with Trade Finance Global (TFG) to help assist you with access to trade and receivables finance facilities. TFG has relationships with 270+ banks, funds and alternative finance houses.

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The Process

Quick Online Application

To get started, fill out the application form on our website. It takes minutes to sign up. Our specialists may also request further information e.g. Financials, Purchase Orders, Invoices.

Match With Lenders

Your business is matched with 270+ lenders on our platform, based on our proprietary trade algorithm – looking at financing needs and obligor geographies, tenors, trade flows and risk.

Choose Lenders

TFG’s specialist platform will provide you with a shortlist of appropriate finance options. You can then choose whether to progress with each trade and receivables lender.

Receive Funds

You negotiate directly with the lender, and agree terms for a facility. Funding is then provided to the company. Depending on complexity, this can take 1 week to 3 months from application.

How can we help you with trade finance?

The TFG team work with over 270+ banks, FIs, funds and alternative financiers across multiple geographies and jurisdictions to help companies access finance fast. We have product specialists, from cashew nut experts to scrap metal gurus, who work collaboratively help companies grow their trade lines both internationally and domestically.

Our team of experts are agnostic of finance product types and will look at numerous financing options to help find the best solutions to help you grow your trade flows. From vanilla trade finance facilities or export finance products right through to complex cross-border commodity trade, our 24/7 team are here to help you grow.

We’re often regarded as a CFO or FD, as opposed to an originator or broker of trade finance. We know you’re busy running the business, and our dedicated account managers work around the clock to help place you with financing structures as quickly as possible. We’re your partners in trade and work with the majority of funders in most jurisdictions around the world.

At Trade Finance Global, we know who the decision makers are, the key influencers and managers at banks, financial institutions and funds, so it’s often easier and faster to get to the right person quickly and speed up your application. All at no cost to you.

We’re 100% independent & impartial: working only for our businesses

Trade Finance Global have no ties with any one lender, so can be flexible at offering the product that’s right for you, not an off the shelf product that inhibits growth or limits opportunities for your business, no matter how complex. Often the financing solution that is required can be complex, and our job is to help you find the most appropriate trade finance solutions for your business.

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Compare 270+ lenders

Trade & Receivables Finance Enquiries

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Contact Information

If you have a finance enquiry, please use the contact form.

Otherwise, you can reach us on the email addresses below.

Trade Finance Global
201 Haverstock Hill, Second Floor
London, NW3 4QG

Telephone: +44 (0) 2071181027

Trade & Receivables Finance

TFG assists companies to access trade and receivables finance through our relationships with 270+ banks, funds and alternative finance houses.

We assist specialist companies to scale their trade volumes, by matching them with appropriate financing structures – based on geographies, products, sector and trade cycles. Contact us to find out more.

Trade Finance & Stock Finance
  • Trade Finance (Purchase Order Finance)
  • Stock Finance
  • Pre Export Finance
  • Import & Export Finance
  • Structured Commodity Finance
  • Letters of Credit
  • Bonds & Guarantees
Receivables Finance & Invoice Finance
  • Receivables Purchase
  • Invoice Finance
    • Discounting
    • Factoring
  • Supply Chain Finance
Specialist Trade & Receivables Finance
  • Borrowing Base Facilities
  • Back-To-Back LC Lines
  • Long Dated Receivables – Media, Sport
  • Revolving Credit Facilities (RCF)

Case Studies

MW Beers & Co.

An Essex based Vegetable and Fat Trader & Shipper, which has been trading for 38 years, secured a £1.3m structured line of credit, facilitated by TFG, to allow the business to scale.

Base Oil Trader

A base oil trader with an invoice finance line wanted a higher limit on the receivables side and to use PO finance to trade higher volumes and work with other markets.

Clothing Company

A clothing distribution company wanted to work with a range of suppliers around the world and receive supplier discounts, rather than using their 90 day credit facilities.

Machinery Trader

A machinery trader required a trade finance facility and a confidential invoice discounting facility so that it didn’t have to pay for goods out of cash flow or working capital.

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About the Author

Trade Finance Global (TFG) assists companies with raising debt finance. While we can access many traditional forms of finance, we specialise in alternative finance and complex funding solutions related to international trade. We help companies to raise finance in ways that is sometimes out of reach for mainstream lenders.

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