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We are at the forefront of global trade.

Trade Finance Global are experts in foreign currency for business, with a wealth of useful information on currency products, international money transfer and expert traders to help you manage currency risk and trade abroad in all major currencies.

Spot Contracts

If you’re looking for a simple, immediate, ‘buy now, pay now’ currency solution.

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If you’re looking to buy currency at an agreed exchange rate at a future date.

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FX Options

A right, but not an obligation, to purchase or sell currency at an agreed rate.

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Currency Risk

Protect your business from volatile FX movements and exchange rate swings.

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Trade Finance Global’s Currency Team can help your business

The Trade Finance Global team are experts in trade finance, helping businesses trade domestically and overseas. Currency solutions for businesses are vital to protect margin and revenue for any business, especially during times of foreign exchange volatility.

With simple planning, talking to experts, and implementing strategies which can help protect your business, maximise returns when trading in different currencies and reducing the risk, Trade Finance Global is the only multi-product solution for trading overseas.

What type of funding does my business need?

If you’re still unsure about what type of funding your business needs, we’ve made a fund finder which explains different types of funding a business can access to help it grow. This can help you decide whether it may be a good idea to explore debt or equity fund raising, as well as the advantages and disadvantages each has on your business.

Fund Finder

Our partners have lent over £300m in the last 2 years

Trade Finance is a non-bank funding solution .

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