Regime Summit

City & Financial Global is delighted to announce its forthcoming virtual Summit on the New Global Sanctions Regime taking place on 12th July 2021.

New Global Sanctions Regime Virtual Summit

12th July 2021

8:30AM – 4:30PM

The event follows the success of th 2020 Sanctions Summit which took place prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and when the Trump administration was still in power. This year’s event will look at how the geopolitical landscape has changed since then and how different European, UK and US regimes will impact international trade. Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, there has been a shift in the legal and regulatory regime in terms of the UK’s domestic agenda. However, the Summit attracts global financial institutions, multi-nationals and UK companies trading internationally and, as such, will look at the global repercussions of changes to sanctions regulation.

Of particular concern is the escalation in tension between the US and Russia following the imposition of sanctions in response to alleged Russian cyber-attacks and interference in US voting. The EU and international community have been quick to support the US position and Russia has, inevitably, retaliated. It follows a deterioration in relations between the EU and China in relation to China’s human rights record, in particular its treatment of the Uighurs, and how this might impact the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

While the UK obviously is no longer bound by the EU’s sanctions regulations, history suggests that the UK will not tolerate human right abuses by its trading partners, as evidenced by the Magnitsky amendments to the Sanctions and Money Laundering Act 2018.

The Summit will provide a unique forum for sanctions specialists to examine the shifting regulatory landscape and ensure their sanctions systems and controls are sufficiently robust to cope.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The UK’s current and future sanctions agenda
  • Threats and opportunities in the EU’s current sanctions regime, in particular as regards its relationship with China
  • How far and how fast the UK’s regime is diverging from the EU
  • Developments in US sanctions policy under the Biden administration
  • Reporting requirements and the tactical complexities of voluntary reporting
  • What will be the practical effect of changes to the US sanctions regime for global institutions?
  • International co-operation and cross-border enforcement

Who should attend

Senior management and executives concerned with sanctions and export control policy within corporate exporters and financial institutions including senior sanctions, export control and compliance management; in-house counsel; risk managers; financial crime and sanctions analysts; MLROs, and heads of Government relations. It will also be of interest to public officials, lawyers and accountants

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