The ICC United Kingdom is delighted to invite you to Trade & Supply Chain Conference “21st Century Vision for Trade” taking place on 14 November at LIBF, Peninsular House,36 Monument Street, London EC3R 8LJ.

36 Monument Street| London, United Kingdom

14th November, 2019

Trade Finance in a Moving World – This year’s conference will focus on the latest developments in the digitization of trade finance, WTO E-commerce negotiations, regulatory compliance, and best practice. The event is aimed at trade financiers, corporates, lawyers and advisors.

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Conference Highlights

Other than the discussions around the 21st Century Vision for Trade, dominant topics on the agenda of the conference will be:

  • Tools and access to trade finance
  • Compliance, sustainability, and Financial Inclusion
  • Trade register and project finance

Assessment of the current global trading economy & the banking industry’s ability to meet demands for trade finance by Dominic Broom, Executive Committee, ICC Banking Commission

Trade Finance Opportunities in Asia by Sean Edwards, Digitalisation Working Group, ICC Banking Commission, SMBS Bank

Financial Crime Compliance checks on the price of goods in trade transactions – are price checking controls plausible?

How does Global trade and receivables finance mitigate against proliferation financing? by John Turnbull, CEO, Certis International Ltd. and Chair, ICC Banking Commission

Blockchain: A Game-Changer or a Red Herring? – Will Blockchain facilitate increased access to finance for SMEs or is just a cost efficiency tool for finance providers? by John Bugeja, Managing Director, Trade Advisory Group

Q&A: The latest updates on ICC’s role in developing standards for digital trade

What can we expect to see banking doing in the next years? by James Bidwell, Head of Trade Services Product Management, Royal Bank of Scotland Group

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