31 October – 2 November 2023

Accelerating progress, overcoming protectionism, managing tight capital

Day 1 Digital | Day 2 & 3 Digital & In-Person | Hilton Bankside, London

An unprecedented alignment of the climate change emergency with economic and supply chain
factors and national security drivers has turbocharged the energy transition, boosting the
diversification of energy supply and increasing investment into clean energy sources. However,
these combined forces have also triggered a nationalistic and protectionist approach, which has
deepened supply chain fragmentation and threatens to drive up the cost of the transition and
ultimately slow progress.

Against this complex backdrop, how can the industry find the right balance between sustainability,
security and affordability?

The Energy Transition Summit will bring together senior leaders from the energy industry
spectrum, finance and business leaders from high energy consuming industries who are tackling
this energy trilemma.

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