Trade Finance Global hears from global experts in trade and tradetech, giving a helicopter view on global trade and supply chain finance, long lasting changes to international trade and the future views of a fully digitalised trade landscape.

Where: Virtual

When: 13th October 2021

9am ET / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET


  • Geoff Brady (GB), Head of Global Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Bank of America
  • Madhav Goparaju (MG), Head of Digital Transformation – Trade and Supply Chain Finance, Bank of America
  • Chris Doroszczyk (CD), Head of Strategy & Business Development  – Cloud, IBM

Moderated by: Deepesh Patel, Editor, Trade Finance Global


  • What’s the current state of global trade and how has this affected trade finance?
  • Has supply chain disruption, be that shortages and delays to the transport of goods, or near shoring and reshoring disrupted supply chain finance programmes?
  • What are the biggest lessons to be learnt from the pandemic?

Access to finance

  • How do banks respond to unprecedented fiscal support from governments, an increased risk of lending to MSMEs due to the pandemic, and a decline in trade volumes?
  • How did corporates respond to the pandemic, with regards to their suppliers and supply chain finance programmes?
  • Is supply chain finance changing or evolving? How can it better serve the corporate customer?
  • How can governments, world banks and IFIs help?


  • Has the pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of trade finance?
  • How do banks go about choosing platforms?
  • Given the accelerated drive to digitally transform, how do you see cloud computing enabling this evolution for Corporate Banking within GTB teams?
  • Is there not a legal issue around acceptance of documents?
  • With increased focus on Cyber Threats and focus on public vs private clouds for financial data, what are the key differentiators in this space?

Future view

  • A view on cryptocurrency and digital assets within the trade and SCF space
  • What can both banks and corporates expect for the post-pandemic period, and how should they prepare for continued uncertainty in global trade and supply chains? 
  • With trade still being so heavily dependent on paper from different ecosystem players, what can be done to help drive digital transformation adoption?

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