After its tremendous first edition, the Geneva Blockchain Congress will further its main topic “from Lab to Market” with a focus on sustainable goals.

There will be 1000 attendees from 30 countries, 50 exhibitors and 40 international media organisations.

Palexo, Geneva

20th January 2020

It is no coincidence that the Congress is being held in Geneva.

Dedicated as it is to advancing the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the city of Geneva promotes high-quality education, decent work conditions, economic growth, responsible consumption and healthy and robust institutions.

Not only are all these elements of society continuously evolving, but each one of them is deeply affected by innovative technological developments.


Conference Highlights

The core aim of the Congress is to promote a constructive and healthy exchange of views between international standard-setting bodies, national governments that create the legal frameworks, and the private sector, whose role is to develop authentic and profitable products.

The highlight for the Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress 2020 edition were at the very highest level and covers the most relevant topics. Various experts in their respective fields were included from Banking and Finance, through to Health and Well-Being, as well as Blockchain Humanitarian and Social Use Cases, a total of eight tracks were covered this year through 85 conferences, with more than 120 highly qualified speakers from 15 countries.

Geneva, French-speaking Switzerland and Switzerland as a whole offer a unique platform thanks to the extent of its economic ecosystem and the quality of work being carried out by academic researchers and start-ups, not to mention the support and involvement of the public authorities.

Some of the topics covered in this conference were as follows:

  • How Blockchain Will Impact Global Deeptech in the Future
  • Blockchain Evolution Decentralize or Centralize
  • Together by Blochaining the Supply Chains
  • Working Together to Remove Frictions from International Trade and Empower Small Producers within Global Supply Chains
  • Blockchain to HSape the Future of OCntainer Shipping
  • Tokenization and Trading of Industrial Assets
  • Blockchain Humanitarian and Social Use Cases

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