London will play host to the Excred Commodities Insuring Commodity and Project Finance series on the 17th September 2019 in London, attracting high-level participants from the insurance and commodity space.

Hilton London Tower Bridge, London

17th September 2019

What is the Insuring Commodity and Project Finance Conference about?

With the growing pressure on trade and structured commodity finance, arisen from trade tensions, geopolitics and macroeconomics, businesses are facing headwinds in the commodity and project finance space. Meanwhile, growing competition from technology providers, the regulatory treatment of trade and the disruptive capabilities of DLT poses challenges for the industry.

The Insuring Commodity and Project Finance event will run from on the 17th September 2019.

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Conference Highlights

Market Overview and Trends


Alternative finance and new tech

Insurance perspective on project, infrastructure and commodity finance.

Updates on how US/ China trade wars are affecting importers and exporters. Taking stock of geopolitical tensions from a regulatory perspective.

With the rise of blockchain based networks and consortia, what does this mean for financiers and the industry.

A snapshot of new funding structures,  from receivables securitisation to credit insurance backed trade lines


  • Gary Lowe, Head, Credit Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Robert Frank, Global Head-Insurance/Risk Mitigation, Gerald Group
  • Jean-Maurice Elkouby, Managing Director, Syndicated Finance, ING Bank
  • Vinco David, Secretary General, Berne Union
  • Mike Fitzgerald, Portfolio Manager, Kimura Capital LLP
  • Saurabh Goyal, Founder & CEO, Satoshi Systems
  • Boris Jaquet, EMEA Regional Head, Distribution & Trading, Deutsche Bank
  • Fábio Nehme, CEO and Founder, Nehme Commodities
  • Deepesh Patel, Director, Partnerships and Marketing, Trade Finance Global
  • Khai Vualnam, COO, Satoshi Systems

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What is commodity finance?

Commodity Finance is a financing type used for hard and soft commodity finance, where most normal debt funding types won’t work. SCF looks at wider trading cycles, acknowledges the complexity of trading commodities on thin margins, and needs to take into account the volatile pricing changes of commodities. Commodity trade finance often concerns the short term financing needs between producers, processors, smelters or crushing facilities, other traders and end-users. Read our Structured Commodity Finance guide here.

Financing for commodities and crops is difficult. See our commodity finance guide here.

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