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Trade Finance Talks is a free publication covering thought leadership, insights and analysis on global trade. The issues feature experts in trade and receivables finance, the latest developments in fintech and geographical updates on international trade. 

NEW! Issue 5 – Summer 2020

Coronavirus & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Issue 4 – Spring 2020

Challenging business: trade finance in risky markets

Issue 3 – Autumn 2019

Tradetech & Trade Wars #maketradenotwar

Issue 2 – Summer 2019

Gender, The Trade Finance Gap & Interoperability

Issue 1 – Spring 2019

An A to Z of Trade Finance, The Tradetech 40, Market Focus



Welcome to Trade Finance Talks, our podcast series from Trade Finance Global. During this series, we’ll be hearing from global experts, as well as learning about the latest trends, technology and insights in the world of international trade and receivables finance.

Whitepapers & Guides

Our resources take a deeper technical guide into subject specific areas around trade and receivables. See our latest analysis, data and guides here. 

Blockchain and Trade Finance

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Trade Finance

State of the Global Supply Chain Finance (GSCF) Market

Supply Chain Finance Whitepaper – UK China trade in 2019

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