UK Chamber of Shipping

Winner - Trade Finance Global Shipping Awards 2016

UK Chamber of Shipping

UK Chamber of Shipping- Winner – Best Shipping Body

UK Chamber of Shipping impressed TFG by the fact that they are such an authoritative trade association within the shipping sector, promoting trade and representing so many members. UK Chambers of Shipping was a winner in the Trade Finance Global Shipping Awards for “Best Shipping Body”


In 10 words or less, what does UK Chamber of Shipping do?

Represent the UK shipping sector to national and international governments

Where do you see the maritime sector headed in the next 3 years, and what do you see as the main future global trends in the sector?

Container rates will continue to struggle in the face of overcapacity, and ongoing low oil prices will have a negative impact on the offshore sector, but help fuel ferry, cruise and tanker companies.

Further carbon reduction will become a major challenge for the global shipping industry, whilst in the UK, reversing the decline of the UK flag and number of UK seafarers will be a constant battle.

Why does Britain need to reform the UK Ship Register?

There is a direct link between the success of the Ship Register and the scale of the economic contribution made to the UK, as well as the influence we yield in international governance.

We are delighted to win this award. The UK Chamber works hard to champion and protect the industry, not just by persistent lobbying on the specific concerns of our members, but by playing an active and innovative role in growing the UK maritime sector, to ensure the success of UK PLC.

Guy Platten
CEO, UK Chamber of Shipping

What is the strategic focus of UK Chamber of Shipping in the short to medium term? (1-5 years)

To raise our profile further and with it increase our influence at all levels of government. We will focus on a number of key issues: growing the UK Ship Register creating more training opportunities for young people, ensuring our voice is heard in global debates such as securing our seas in the face of turbulent geopolitics and playing an active role in carbon reduction.

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