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Winners - Trade Finance Global Shipping Awards 2016

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Royal Mail Group – Winner – Best Shipping Carrier Services Company

TFG were impressed by Royal Mail Group, due to the investment in digital transformation (e.g. implementation of PDAs across their network and barcodes) and internal innovation when being one of the biggest couriers and logistics providers globally. Royal Mail Group were awarded as Winners in the Trade Finance Global Shipping Awards for “Best Shipping Carrier Services Company”.

We spoke to Adrian Baker, Director, Royal Mail Parcels.

In 10 words or less, what does Royal Mail Group do?

Royal Mail is the UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities around the country.

Where do you see the Royal Mail Group headed in the next 3 years, and what are the main challenges?

Our vision is to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and Europe. Our three-part strategy – centred on parcels, letters and customer – aims to deliver this, whilst generating sustainable shareholder value, and supporting the continued provision of the Universal Service. We are focussing on our core business. We’re also finding new ways to grow in those strategic areas – parcels, letters, customers.

How is Britain’s logistics and courier sector changing with the advancement of technology?

In the last few years, we have seen both retailers and carriers invest large amounts of money in new technologies and enhancements to existing technology that improve the home delivery experience. Tracking is a prime example. The benefits for carriers and customers are demonstrable. Customers have more visibility of and control over their items and in many cases can change their delivery preferences including having orders sent to a local pick up point (such as a Post Office) or delivered on a different day. The carrier also has better visibility of items as they journey through their network and both the carrier and retailer are better able to deal with customer enquiries. New or emerging technologies offer the potential to transform the way we will work in the future. Investments in new technologies are an important part of Royal Mail Group’s strategy to offer an ever-improving quality of service.

We are delighted to be named Best Shipping Carrier Services Company. Investments in new technologies are an important part of Royal Mail Group’s strategy to offer an ever improving quality of service. Our front line colleagues work incredibly hard to ensure we deliver the best service possible to our customer, and we’d like to thank Trade Finance Global for recognising this in giving us this award.

Adrian Baker
Director, Royal Mail Parcels

As Director of Royal Mail Parcels, what’s the main focus of the company in the short to medium term?

Our focus in the short to medium term is simple. We will transform our customer proposition through investment in best-in-class technology while continuing to deliver high quality, value-for-money services to all our customers. In doing this we will grow our parcels business and remain number one in the market.

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