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Accelerate Scholarship Portal – Trade Finance Global

Congratulations on reaching the next stage of the Accelerate Scholarship competition. We are delighted to have you on board, and look forward to receiving your essay / literature review over the coming weeks as part of the competition.

Next stages

1. Read our guides

We’ve put together a guide for the structure of your essay / literature review. Read the guide, check out our post templates and example posts

2. Choose a topic

We’ll give you the flexibility of choosing your own topic and subject, but we will give you some ideas to get you started

3. Draft your post

We would ask you to confirm the topic and subject

4. Enter Accelerate

You’ll send your final essay / literature review to us for our panel to judge and decide who the winners of Accelerate are


Important deadlines

  • Confirm the topic and subject you have chosen as soon as possible
  • Submit your article by 1st April 2022

What’s in it for you?


Receive a $1,000 Scholarship Grant towards your academic studies


Boost your professional reputation as a recipient of the Accelerate Scholarship


The opportunity to work with experts in international trade


Guidance from TFG’s editorial team

1. Read our guides

TFG Writing Guidelines


Example Blog Post


Template for Posts


2. Choose your topic

We’ve listed the topics and geographies below, and suggested some possible headlines and subjects as starting points.

Please use these to have a think about the kind of areas you would like to write about, and then let us know over email what is of interest to you.

      • International Trade

Analysis of free trade agreements and blocs
Up and coming trade agreements
Trade tariffs and trade barriers in certain markets
Customs declarations post-Brexit – what has changed?
A deep dive on certificates of origin
Phytosanitary measures in Australia and how this impacts trade
The changing role of the World Trade Organisation
World Customs Organisation – an overview
Trade deficits and trade surpluses – how trade works
The impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains

      • Trade Finance

How trade finance can help facilitate trade growth post-COVID
Export Credit Agencies and their role in international trade
Public-Private Finance Partnerships
Different types of trade finance
Foreign exchange / currency movements – a deep dive into various currencies and pegs
The role of trade credit insurance and reinsurance in global trade
Shariah and Islamic finance explained
Legal reform of trade finance – the acceptance of digital documents in international trade
An explanation of the Model Law on Electronic Transferable Documents (MLETR) and the role of UNCITRAL in trade
Supply chain finance disclosure requirements and how this might change post the collapse of Greensill

        • Shipping and Freight

The great freight crisis
Wider impacts of shipping and supply chain disruptions
Offshoring, reshoring and nearshoring – has the US-China trade war had long-lasting consequences on global supply chains?
Port closures as a result of COVID and how this has changed shipping
Innovations in shipping and supply chains
Building sustainable supply chains and recent innovations
A history of the container ship

        • Business Finance

Debt versus equity finance for business finance
Deep dive on invoice finance (discounting and factoring)
Overview on different types of business finance and their effectiveness in supporting domestic and international finance
The rise of alternative finance
Fintech innovations / uses of fintech in alternative finance
An overview of stagflation and how it’s impacting economies – monetary and fiscal policy

        • Technology

DeFi (decentralized finance) and its role in trade
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and impact on monetary policy / trade
The role of blockchain in international trade
Emerging technologies and supply chain (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation)
How technology can be used for the automation of manual trade processes such as document checking
Use cases for technology in implementing more sustainable supply chains
Has greenwashing gone too far and how can technology

        • Commodities, Softs and Agriculture

An insight on the commodities supercycle
Oil / LNG Macro economic trends
Sustainability and LNG markets
Sustainability and ESG in commodity trade finance
Metals markets overview
Car markets – the new role of EU vs Britain post Brexit and car manufacturers
Agri / grain – Africa overview
The semiconductor (shortage) crisis
Global Food Crisis
How do farmers access finance?

3. Need help?

Send your questions to

Please note we will be checking your work for plagiarism and duplicate content.

About the Author

Joana Fabiao was previously a Marketing Manager at Trade Finance Global (TFG).

She holds a BA in International Business from the University of Westminster, with a core focus on Global Economic Issues, International Financial Management and Organisational Behaviour. She also holds a certificate in Bloomberg Market Concepts.

Prior to working at TFG she worked as Junior Consultant in the Marketing and Events Department at Westminster Business Consultants, focusing on their social media campaigns, content and marketing strategy.

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