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Congratulations on reaching the next stage of the Accelerate Competition. We are delighted to have you on board, and look forward to receiving your essay / literature review over the coming weeks as part of the competition.

Next stages

1. Read our guides

We’ve put together a guide for the structure of your essay / literature review. Read the guide, check out our post templates and example posts

2. Choose a topic

We’ll give you the flexibility of choosing your own topic and subject, but we will give you some ideas to get you started

3. Draft your post

We would ask you to confirm the topic and subject, and then leave you to send us your draft for review

4. Enter Accelerate

You’ll send your final essay / literature review to us for our panel to judge and decide who the winners of Accelerate are


What’s in it for you?


Receive a £500 Scholarship Grant towards your academic studies


Boost your professional reputation as a recipient of the Scholarship


The opportunity to work with experts in fintech and commercial finance


Feedback and guidance from us, as well as the ability to learn about a growing industry

1. Read our guides

TFG Writing Guidelines


Example Blog Post


Template for Posts


Once you have sent us your final drafts for the posts we will send you feedback before it’s submitted to the panel as part of your entry to Accelerate.

2. Choose your topic

We’ve listed the topics and geographies below, and suggested some possible headlines and subjects as starting points. Please use these to have a think about the kind of areas you would like to write about, and then let us know over email what is of interest to you.

      • Foreign Exchange / Currency

GBP strengthening (snap elections)
How currency movements affect businesses

      • Finance

Business Funding: Debt finance versus equity finance
How to value a company
How does invoice finance work?

        • Fintech and Alternative Finance

How companies are using alternative finance to grow
The rise of alternative finance
Fintech innovations / uses of fintech in alternative finance

        • Metals and Mining

Silver, Lead and Tin Prices
How does metal trading work?
How to export metal

        • Soft Commodities

House Prices and Most Expensive Cities to Live in
Property Prices and Construction Trends

        • Agriculture and Crops

Soy Bean Prices
Cashew Nut Trading
Global Food Crisis
How do farmers access finance?

        • Oil and Gas

Oil / LNG Macro economic trends
Airline Industry
How does oil trading work?

        • Technology Trends

Unicorn Businesses and recent venture capital investment trends
Fintech and banking
PSDII and PSDIII – what do businesses need to prepare for?

        • Electronics

Graphene and Battery Capacity
The new iPhone 8

      • Aircraft and Aviation
      • Chemical industry
      • Pharmaceutical industry

How pharmaceutical companies get funding

        • China

China macroeconomic trends
The growth of fintech in China

        • United States

Trump and Trade
What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership and why does it matter?
North Korea and the US
North Korea missile testing
Twitter and Politics

        • Germany

Trade and US relations with Germany

        • Japan
        • South Korea
        • France

Frexit and French Elections

        • Hong Kong
        • Netherlands
        • Turkey

Turkish Elections

        • United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia and Oil Prices
OPEC and Commodity Prices – What next?

        • The Middle East

Syria and Economics

        • India

India and Fintech Investment
Make in India Campaign
Tourism and India

3. Draft your post

Sending your draft post to us

Send your draft posts to for first review, and someone in the team will review and send over feedback. As mentioned before, we might ask you to make some changes. We will also check your work for plagiarism and duplicate content.

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About the Author

Natasha Roston is Head of People and Growth at Trade Finance Global (TFG). 

She builds partnerships to create innovative trade finance education projects and experiences. A key advocate for TFG’s annual Women In Trade campaigns, Natasha wrote a piece on the impact of gender stereotypes for gender equality in the workplace in 2022. Natasha is also responsible for TFG careers, culture, and team growth. A Level 2 Qualified Coach and Mental Health First Aid Champion, she leads internal training, supporting the holistic wellbeing of the team.

Before joining TFG Natasha worked in education for over a decade. Initially as a classroom teacher, and then in academic and pastoral leadership roles. Following this, she worked in EdTech as a Learning Design Coach for Aula’s Higher Education platform.

Natasha holds an MA from Tel Aviv University, a History PGCE from The Institute of Education and a BA from the University of Nottingham. Currently, she is studying for her Level 3 Certificate in International Trade from the Institute of Export & International Trade. In addition to her work at TFG, Natasha volunteers for the Young Women’s Trust as a Work It Out – CV Volunteer. 


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