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Uzbek oil and gas company SEG is piloting the use of solar energy to power its Karshi training ground.

SEG, the Uzbekistan-based oil and gas company, has announced that it plans to transfer the electricity provision of its oil and gas training site in Karshi to renewable energy sources – specifically solar power.

The site currently has 44 solar panels, which the company expects to generate up to 8 kilowatts (KW).

The power generated by this project will cover all equipment used at SEG’s training and education site.

Post-completion of the pilot project and data analysis, SEG will make a further strategic decision on equipping its other remote oil and gas fields with solar panels. 

Expanding the pilot could involve the company reconfiguring up to 15 more fields so they can use solar power and benefit from the automated operational dispatch control (ASODU) system.

The company envisions the fields becoming fully energy-independent and protected from conditions such as heavy winds and sandstorms, which can sometimes disrupt power supplies as overhead lines become damaged.

“Uzbekistan is one of the sunniest countries in the world,” SEG’s Chief Engineer Sergey Ryabov said.

“It makes much sense to use this natural advantage to provide electricity, and we have deliberately chosen the Karshi training ground for the pilot project. 

“Training at the site occurs during daylight hours – when solar generation is at its optimum. This means we can avoid using batteries at their maximum and ensure the site’s continued operations. 

“We plan full-scale pilot tests of a solar power plant at the training site, following which we can determine the potential wider use of solar panels at SEG’s other production sites.

“We have two options for electricity provision at our remote sites: we can either use petroleum gas or the energy of the sun. 

“The relatively low cost of solar panels is offset by the cost of restoring electricity when power lines are damaged by weather events. 

“With solar power, we can achieve around-the-clock and trouble-free power for the company’s fields – in line with the state’s program to improve the efficiency of oil production.”

Commissioning of the solar station at the training site is scheduled for this month (October). 

Further activities for the transition to renewable energy sources at the sites will be carried out by SEG in early 2023.