Surecomp, a Canada-based trade finance solutions provider, has announced that its major software tie-up with Netherlands’ Rabobank is now live.

In a press statement released yesterday, Surecomp said that Rabobank is now fully operational using the Canadian firm’s integrated back- and front-office digital trade finance solutions DOKA-NG and allNETT.

Rabobank has also deployed one of Surecomp’s Marketplace partner solutions – the digital adoption platform Walkme – which is a no-code solution embedded within the front-office solution.

This will enable Rabobank to track, measure, drive, and guide its customer behaviour and use of allNETT.

Yaron Hupert, senior vice president of account management at Surecomp, said: “Innovation is a high priority for Rabobank, demonstrated in many areas across the business and further epitomised in its digitisation of trade finance.”

“Our collaboration with the bank has facilitated enhanced customer-centricity, so by fostering innovation with – and for – its customers, Rabobank is driving optimised customer communication, engagement, and satisfaction.”

Headquartered in Utrecht, Rabobank said it is one of the largest players in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking.

It also said it decided to embark on a trade finance digitisation journey to support its growing transaction volume both domestically and internationally.

Following a selection process, Rabobank chose to partner with Surecomp based on it meeting both current and future functional needs.

Rabobank said that Surecomp’s strong heritage, stability, agility and the seamless integration of its back- and front-office solutions for streamlined transaction processing will allow it to deliver innovative digital trade finance.

Bart Schouten, road manager at Rabobank, said: “We are very happy with the Surecomp partnership and how Rabobank worked closely together with Surecomp to get the job done.

“We are already seeing business benefits in terms of enhanced operational efficiencies and improved performance of deal processing volumes.”