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Trade Finance Global – Shipping Awards in Excellence 2016

Trade Finance Global Shipping awards are totally independent. They are presented in the first quarter of each year, recognising companies in the shipping space for being leaders in the space, driving directly and indirectly the trade or invoice finance sector, be that information providers, shipping networks, shipping institution, carrier service or transport information provider.

The Shipping Awards for Excellence will be based on independent trusted reviews, opinion from experts in the shipping and transport sector and reflecting quantitative market data. editor James Sinclair, said: “We take great pleasure in announcing the shipping awards winners, as they are leaders in the field and have shown a great contribution towards the shipping and transport sector. They provide information, services and deep knowledge that are fundamental to a sector which underpins global trade.”


Shipping and Freight Resource

Best Shipping Blog

Shipping and Freight Resource were singled out for their engaging content and TFG felt that it provided immense value for new and established players in the shipping industry. This was also reflected by the engaged and active global community of Shipping and Freight Resource and their coverage of in depth information for industry specialists.

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Shipping Professional Network London

Best Shipping Network

Shipping Professional Network London were chosen due to their strong relationships and partnerships that have been nurtured over the past few years, and the quality of their network. We were also very impressed with the content and reports displayed by the company.

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UK Chamber of Shipping

Best Shipping Body

UK Chamber of Shipping impressed TFG by the fact that they are such an authoritative trade association within the shipping sector, promoting trade and representing so many members.

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Uship LOGO

Most Innovative Shipping Company

Uship were commended for their recent growth, having helped over 670000 customers, real-time tracking analytics and excellent customer reviews.

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Shipwire Logo

Runner Up – Most Innovative Shipping Company

Shipwire were singled out due to software being at the heart of their business with the end-to-end platform that they provide for tracking, shipping, warehousing and delivering goods impressing the judging panel the most!

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royal mail group

Best Shipping Carrier Services Company

TFG were impressed by Royal Mail Group, due to the investment in digital transformation (e.g. implementation of PDAs across their network and barcodes) and internal innovation when being one of the biggest couriers and logistics providers globally.

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Spinnaker Global - Logo

Best Shipping Recruitment Agency

Spinnaker Global are a leading specialist in shipping recruitment, with a clear vision and clear offering. We were impressed by the quality of content that was published on the Spinnaker blog, including useful guides and sector specific updates – which places Spinnaker as an authority in the maritime recruitment space.

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Best Shipping and Transport Insights

MeteoGroup impressed with their multitude of apps and focus on digitilisation and data driven insights.

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