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Trade Finance Global – Currency Awards in Excellence 2016

Trade Finance Global Currency awards are totally independent. They are presented in the first quarter of each year, recognising companies in the currency / FX space for being leaders in the space, driving directly and indirectly the trade finance sector, be that currency solutions, FX providers, currency information or insurance companies.

The Currency Awards for Excellence will be based on independent trusted reviews, opinion from experts in the currency and foreign exchange sector and reflecting quantitative market data. editor James Sinclair, said: “We are very excited to announce the currency awards winners, as they have shown signs of innovation and progression in their relevant businesses. They provide up to date quotes, information and comment that helps shape the currency markets in which we do business. Today, SMEs don’t just expect services such as Letters of Credit or invoice finance; accessing comprehensive information on currency markets and understanding risks of doing business ”


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Best Currency Transfer (International Money Transfer) Provider

Currency Solutions were recognised for their clarity and simplicity in relation to international currency transfers on both an individual and company level.

Best International Money Transfer Comparison Provider

Best Exchange Rates were picked out due to the wide range of currency related products they focus on and complimentary data displayed in easy to access forms.

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Runner Up – Best International Money Transfer Comparison Provider

Money Transfer Comparison were commended for their ease of use and message provided to customers of showing clear ratings of companies.

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Best Currency Information Providers

Pound Sterling LIVE are leaders in the UK in providing currency information and have a fresh approach to how content is provided. We were particularly impressed by various news on the markets, currency pairing views and reasoning put forward behind volatility in differing markets.

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See our terms and conditions here, or find out about the 2016 awards here.
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