If you are just about to launch your website, then you probably need to consider which web hosting provider you are going to choose. There are tons of web hosting companies out there offering you a space on the server, just so your site can be available online. The variety will definitely make your choice even more difficult. Sometimes, you might be attracted by the low price and, other times, you might find the list of features that a web host offers intriguing.

We’re here to help you choose the best web hosting company for your site. The characteristics don’t include only a high bandwidth and a large storage space, which should come with every web hosting offer. There are many more features that a quality web host should offer you. 

All you have to do is be aware of the essential characteristics that great web hosting providers should offer, so let’s go over them:

1. Uptime

A reliable web hosting company will ensure your website gets 99.9% of uptime. Every minute of downtime will mean losing money and revenue for your site. If you are earning an average of $5,000 every hour in sales, then every minute of downtime amounts to over $80 for your site. This is why you should go for one that will be reliable and offer you a decent amount of uptime. The uptime won’t hurt your business much if your website is a blog, however, all websites that are part of the e-commerce industry are losing a lot! Nevertheless, even if you have a blog, make sure that the downtime you experience through your web host doesn’t leave your readers frustrated.

2. Support

A 24/7 tech support is essential nowadays. Choosing a web hosting provider that will offer you this service through live chats, calls, and emails is a great investment to make. If they offer you quality technical support, you should consider choosing them. Also, make sure that the company you choose has an in-house customer support service. Web hosts that have invested in in-house customer support service will more likely offer a higher quality service than those that have outsourced this sector.

3. Monthly Hosting Plans

Having the opportunity to choose a monthly hosting plan is amazing! It doesn’t only cost less than an annual contract, but it also gives you the freedom to pick and choose and make the shift from one web host to another easier. For instance, Domain Name Sanity offers three types of monthly web hosting plans: the starter plan, business plan, and pro plan. Their starter plan costs only $2.95 per month and it offers amazing features, such as 50 GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 website, 1 domain, 25 sub-domains, 5 email accounts, 500 MB email storage, and so much more. 

So, if you are a blogger who doesn’t have enough money to invest into an expensive annual web hosting plan, why not consider the opportunity of subscribing to a monthly hosting plan that will be a cheap alternative and still get you all the needed features?

4. Backups

A quality web hosting service will backup your website regularly, copies of which they usually keep for a week on their server. This is an important asset that you’ll need to have in order to enjoy the enhanced security that the host will offer you. Backups are essential because they will save your data, which can be retrieved even if your website is attacked by hackers.

5. Security

The web hosting provider you choose should offer you the opportunity to host your sites on secure servers. This way, you’ll keep your data and info safe from attacks, malware, hackers and bots. No matter if your site is personal, representing your small business or is a global site, security should be imperative to you.

6. Ability to Add Domains 

Lastly, a great web hosting company should offer you the chance for scalability. Having enough space and resources for growth is essential because while it’s very likely to start with one domain name, chances are you aren’t going to stick with just one. There are many businesses that eventually have a need to expand and they choose multiple websites, new domains, and subdomains as an addition. 

So, prior to choosing a web hosting provider, make sure you check their hosting packages, the deals they offer, and the opportunity to run multiple websites on one web hosting account. The web host you choose should have the ability to handle this type of load. We recommend you check out the exact cost of the unlimited website and subdomain package, which is the package that allows several domains and websites in one account. If the web hosting provider offers great value for the money concerning this package, go ahead and pick them as your host.


The six principles that we mention as your guide in choosing a web hosting provider are just the basic features you should look for. If the web host you prefer doesn’t offer some of these, then we suggest you choose another one. The features that your web host provides you with are closely connected with the performance of your website. In addition, a quality web host has a lot to do with quality user-experience. So, next time you rush into picking out the first web host provider that pops up on Google, beware of all the risks it may bring you. We suggest that you do your own research, follow our list, and look for what your business needs to get optimal results.