How Your Social Security Card Is A Valid Identification?

Given this year’s November mid term elections in the US, registering to vote, and ID are critical. Most citizens of the United States are in possession of a social security card. The social security card is not just to track your income and taxations, it is also used by citizens of the United States as a valid individual identification document. The card has a nine digit number which allows the authorities to get all essential details about an individual.

Uses of Social Security Card:

Social security number must be provided to bank officials at the time of opening a new bank account.

When you get hired by a company, you must provide the social security number to your employer. Many companies do not hire people who are not in possession of a social security card in their name.

To avail any social security benefits like social security retirement benefits or social security disability benefits you need to have a social security number.

For more information on the benefits of the social security card, you can visit the social security administration website.

Procedure to Apply For The Replacement Card:

You can go to the social security administration website and download the form ss-5. After filling up the form you can go in person to the nearby social security office and hand over the form to the concerned officials.

You must carry with you at least two documents that would be helpful to prove your identity and citizenship to the officials.

You can also choose the online method to apply for the replacement card. All you have to do is fill the form online and scan the required documents and send them along with the form to the social security office.

Generally, the card is given to all the citizens and permanent residents of the United States. But in the case of non-US citizens, you will have to provide proof of legal immigration status. In case you are not a citizen of the United States and do not have the legal immigration status then you must provide a valid reason to the authorities to receive a new card.

Corrections to The Name In The Card:

In case of corrections to the existing details in the card, you will again have to fill up the form and submit it with the document that has corrected information.

For instance, to change your name in the card you will have to provide the legal evidence or document for the name change. The document that you provide should identify you with your old name as well as your new name.

Additional documents will be requested if the authorities feel that there is inadequate information in the document that you provide as the evidence to prove your name change.


You can apply for a replacement social security card for three times in a calendar year and totally for ten times in a lifetime. So you must keep your social security card very safely in order to avoid troubles.