Everyone likes to think that one day, they would be able to buy their own private jet or fleet for their business. The epitome of opulence, one can only imagine what it’s like to have your own private airport queue, your own space to enjoy throughout the flight and a big comfortable chair to relax on (as well as other luxurious features). But that dream might seem out of your reach.

Vehicle and Jet Finance

But private jets cost millions of pounds to buy – which is only really affordable for celebrities and other millionaires. So what’s the alternative? Well, you can also hire (otherwise known as charter) a private jet. How much does a private jet cost to rent? This, of course, depends on the model, size and distance that you want to travel. But it will generally set you back around £1000 per hour (at the lower end) and will cost you in fuel. Renting a private jet is undeniably, still an expensive way to travel. But if it is possible for you to do so, you won’t have to face the terrible delays, queues and crowds that you would have had to endure in a commercial flight.

So when should you hire a private jet?

If you are travelling for business: if your business or the business you work for has the money, a great alternative to commercial flying is chartering a private jet. If there is an important meeting that you need to attend and you have time constraints, there’s no denying how much time you will save by renting a private jet. The amount of time that is wasted boarding, waiting for your luggage and going through passport control will disappear when you charter a private jet.

If it is a special occasion: this may seem easier than done. But if you have the money, renting a private jet is a great way of celebrating a special occasion – such as your honeymoon. Yes, you will have to consider the fact that you will be paying per hour of your flight. So, if you are thinking of travelling halfway across the world, the price will affect this. But if that isn’t a concern, then a private jet is the way forward. Private jets don’t only have luxury appliances and furnishings within them, but they also have the benefit of including all of the attention on you and your wife/husband, a bespoke food menu, unlimited drinks, etc. This high-quality service makes the occasion that much more magical than it would be if you were travelling with 100’s of other passengers on a commercial flight.

If you want to fly direct: not all commercial flights can travel direct. Especially if it is to a destination that’s far away. A private jet, on the other hand, can fly direct to many destinations around the world. This will save you time that would have been wasted on a stopover. As they can reach higher altitudes than commercial flights, it also means that you won’t be surrounded by commercial jets.

If you want to bring your pets, family or friends: another interesting fact of private jet travel, is that you can bring your animals, friends and family along with you. Yes, you can fly commercially with your friends and family, but by flying in a private jet, you can ensure that you have a more enjoyable flight without having to talk loudly over the rest of the passengers. If you want to bring your dog/cat or whatever pet (with an exception of a horse, of course) with you, you can do so on a private jet. This is just one of the reasons it is favoured over commercial flying by celebrities.

If you want more privacy: a private jet does what it says on the tin – it gives you more peace and quiet than you would experience on a commercial flight. Often when you are travelling for business, you might need to hold a meeting or work on your laptop. A private jet allows you to do this with ease and gives you the space you need to conduct business.

If you want more flexibility: life can sometimes be hectic. From rushing from meeting to meeting, to delays in traffic, sometimes it might not be possible to catch the flight that you intended. No one wants to be running through an airport in order to get to your gate on time. When you hire a private jet however, you can fit the time that it flies around your schedule. If you are delayed, the plane will wait for you before it takes off.