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TFG International Trade Awards 2022

Now in its sixth year running, the TFG International Trade Awards 2022, in cooperation with BAFT, recognise those who have provided an outstanding contribution to global trade and finance.

The TFG Awards are presented each year, recognising businesses and service providers in the trade, supply chain and receivables space.

This year, Trade Finance Global are announcing the winners of the 2022 Awards at BAFT’s 2022 Global Annual Meeting on the 4 May 2022 in Washington.

The TFG awards logo is used as a badge of excellence in both the intermediary (B2B) and direct (B2C) markets.

Find out about the winners of the TFG International Trade Awards 2022 in cooperation with BAFT here.


In cooperation with




  • Best Trade Financier
  • Best Receivables Financier
  • Best Supply Chain Financier
  • Best Export Credit Agency
  • Best Multilateral Development Bank
  • Sustainable Trade Finance Award
  • Tradetech Innovator Award


  • Best Trade Financier in Western Europe
  • Best Trade Financier in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Best Trade Financier in the Middle East
  • Best Trade Financier in Africa
  • Best Trade Financier in Asia-Pacific
  • Best Trade Financier in North America
  • Best Trade Financier in Latin America


  • Trade Finance Deal of the Year
  • Best Trade Finance Education Provider
  • Best Trade Finance Law Firm
  • Best Trade Credit Insurance Provider
  • Best Islamic Trade Financier
  • Trade Digitalisation Award


  • Outstanding Contribution to Trade Finance
  • Rising Trade Finance Star

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Steering Committee

The TFG Steering Committee is made up of subject matter experts and leaders across all areas of trade, including finance, technology, policy and governance.

Members of the steering committee will provide their impartial views and input into TFG’s leading annual awards campaign around promoting inclusive trade as a force for good.

  • Mark Abrams, Trade Finance Global
  • Steven Beck, ADB
  • Robert Besseling, Pangea Risk
  • Noreen Cesaro, OWIT UK
  • Sean Doherty, World Economic Forum
  • Sean Edwards, ITFA
  • Emmanuelle Ganne, World Trade Organisation
  • Angela Koll, Commerzbank
  • Tomasch Kubiak, ICC
  • Maria Mogilnaya, Independent
  • Peter Mulroy, FCI
  • Rudolf Putz, EBRD
  • Harri Rantananten, Standardised Trust
  • Ian Sayers, International Trade Centre
  • Susan Starnes, IFC
  • Scott Stevenson, BAFT
  • NLN Swaroop, HSBC
  • Erik Timmermans, WOA

The International Trade Awards 2022 – Judging Process & Key Dates

  1. Self nominations open (7th February 2022)
  2. Self nominations close (25th February 2022) 
  3. Shortlisted candidates are informed (both those who self nominated and were independently nominated by TFG)
  4. TFG’s independent steering committee will be made up of subject matter experts and leaders in all areas of trade, including finance, technology, policy and governance. The steering committee will vote for one winner per category (16th March 2022)
  5. TFG to contact winners (under embargo) to conduct interviews and prepare campaign (8th April 2022)
  6. Winners to be officially announced on 4th May 2022


Nominations form

Nominations are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The TFG International Trade Awards, in cooperation with BAFT, aim to recognise and promote  businesses and service providers who are directly or indirectly contributing towards the trade, supply chain and receivables space. Simply put, TFG looks at the trade market before nominating and later awarding companies who have shown an outstanding contribution to the sector.
Nominees for the Awards are chosen by staff and judges within Trade Finance Global. However, we also welcome external applications or self-nominations – please use the form above.
Absolutely not, unlike many awards, the TFG International Trade Awards are not-for-profit and seek to recognise the best in the industry. The winners are chosen because of the quality of their services and products, hence why this is a completely non-commercial activity, run by TFG.

Winners will receive a complimentary certificate.

Yes. TFG will be announcing the winners of the 2022 Awards at BAFT’s 2022 Global Annual Meeting on the 4 May 2022 in Washington.
Winning a TFG International Trade Award is a competitive and rewarding experience, and winners often receive considerable press coverage and recognition. The winners will be featured on our homepage, as well as a dedicated interview section for each winning company. This will be promoted across TFG’s media channels and through our institutional associations and partners.
Yes, absolutely.
The Tradetech innovator award focuses on innovations pertaining to the wider trade cycle, using complementary technologies for the end-to-end digitalisation of trade, whereas, the Trade digitisation award focuses on the digitisation of a particular process, document or facet of trade finance.

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Prior to working at TFG she worked as Junior Consultant in the Marketing and Events Department at Westminster Business Consultants, focusing on their social media campaigns, content and marketing strategy.

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