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Doncaster has a huge export industry and we have a group of specialist invoice financiers centered in central Doncaster.

Invoice Finance Solutions in Doncaster – How can we help?

We can assist Doncaster based SMEs which need export finance facilities to release finance from invoices from their retailers all around the world.

At Trade Finance Global, our Doncaster community offer specialist and invoice finance solutions for example FX Solutions and Letters of Credit. Our typical trade finance facility starts at £100k and there is no upper limit on the invoice size.

If your organisation is looking for invoice finance or discounting over £10k, is creditworthy and has reputable end purchasers, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you grow.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance (including factoring and discounting) allows organisations to not have to wait up to 90 days for an invoice to be receive payment. Around two-thirds of businesses face late payment issues during their growth.

Simply put, invoice finance allows SMEs to sell up to 90% of invoices issued straight away.

Invoice finance offers upsides over more traditional working capital finance such as loans which require security, and trade finance.

If you’re a Doncaster based company who would need to advance cash from an invoice, one of our Doncaster based invoice finance professionals could help your company grow.

Invoice finance enables small organisations fast access to finance with minimum risk, because the security is guaranteed through the invoices from the provider.

Read our invoice finance guide here

Invoice Finance Explained


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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is the finance option whereby a bank or alternative financier will give a business loan which is secured against one invoice or the entire book of loans of a organisation and charge the company interest and relevant fees.

Invoice Discounting


Contrary to invoice discounting, invoice factoring occurs when an invoice or an entire loan book is sold at a reduced rate to a lender, which allows the end customer to settle payments with the third party.


We’re the trusted experts in Doncaster for Invoice Finance

We have worked with the Trade Finance Global team several times and have used their invoice finance facility many times.
Lee Ward, Farm Equipment Company.
As someone that relies on invoicing clients, I’ve been able to confidentially sell invoices to release cashflow and enable me to take on more clients and deliver a timely service to my customers.
Eileen Watts, App Development Company
The Trade Finance Global team were not only able to offer us a competitive invoice finance facility, but they went above and beyond helping us with other elements of the finance transaction, including currency / hedging options and assistance with talking to our export partners.
Frances Eldic, VoIP Services Provider

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Here are some of the services we offer in Doncaster

Whether you’re a company seeking for a invoice factoring/solution such as iron and steel finance or ores and mineral finance, or a stock finance solution like scrap metal finance, we’re the trusted experts in Doncaster to help your business.

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