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Trade Finance in the Yorkshire and The Humber – How can we help?

How Trade Finance Works

Ordering Goods
  • Customer places order – The customer, or end client will place an order with your business.
  • Your business seeks a supplier – The importer (your business or company) would find a supplier to fulfil the order.
Talk to TFG
  • Get in touch with Trade Finance Global – The importer speaks to Trade Finance Global and finds the right funding solution for the goods at a competitive rate, to pay the supplier.
  • We find the most suitable funder – The most suitable stock finance funder for the transaction either pays the supplier direct, provides a loan to the Importer, or provides guarantees such as an LC.
Funding And Transaction
  • Dispatching the product to your business – The supplier ships the product to your company, (the Importer).
  • Fulfilling the customer order – The Importer provides the product under the customer order and the end customer pays for the product.
  • We find the most suitable funder – The Importer settles the stock finance facility or the guarantee ends and the remainder is kept by the Importer.

Yorkshire and The Humber - Where we operate?

East Riding and North Lincolnshire

  • Kingston upon Hull
  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • North and North East Lincolnshire

North Yorkshire

  • York
  • North Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

West Yorkshire

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