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Trade Finance Partners (TFP) provides trade finance to clients involved in the importing or exporting of finished goods through:

TFP comprises knowledgeable and technically proficient Trade Finance professionals, in-house lawyers and corporate risk managers who understand the commercial pressures and demands of cross-border risk management, finance and logistics.

A summary of Trade Finance Partners

Trade Finance Partners’ CEO Chris Ash talks about trade finance

Trade Finance Partners – Benefits

  • Dynamic – Provide propositions that support and growth on an international basis – TFP provide receivables finance, trade finance and supply chain finance
  • Trusted – TFP work in partnership with their clients
  • Experts – Operate globally with specialists across different markets and niches
What types of funding does Trade Finance Partners offer?

TFP offers non-bank funding for suppliers and importers, including supply chain finance, receivables discounting and trade finance.

How much funding can you apply for?

TFP offer import and export facilities ranging from £200k – £50m.

What are the company requirements for accessing trade finance facilities from TFP?

If your answer is yes to the following, then your company may be eligible for trade finance from TFP.

  1. Do you have to pay for goods before you get paid by your customers?
  2. Is there a confirmed purchase order?
  3. Is the end customer creditworthy?
  4. Is the purchase order for finished goods?
  5. Is the simple gross margin for the goods over 15%?
  6. Do you need finance for less than 3 months?
  7. Is the supplier invoice more than £80,000?
  8. Can you contribute towards 10% of the total invoice value?
Excellent financial services, helped me out a great deal with their advice and expertise. Definitely recommend their services to anyone in need of sound business advice.
Andre C.

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Trade Finance Partners
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Chris Ash
Trade Finance Partners



Lead Investor:
Macquarie Group

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30 Cannon Street
City of London
United Kingdom
Date published: 08/18/2015
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