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Metro Bank PLC is a retail bank that exists in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2010. It is the first high street bank that has launched in the UK in over 150 years. The aim was that it would have around 250 branches within 10 years. Metro Bank purchased SME Finance at the end of 2013 and rebranded it as Metro Bank SME Finance in May 2014. There were around 40 branches in 2015.

Metro Bank offers both personal and business banking. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. There is an aim of expanding to 110 stores by 2020.

Metro Bank – The Entrepreneurs Bank

Our entrepreneurial business customers discuss why they chose to join the Banking Revolution.

Metro Bank – Benefits

  • Metro Bank prides themselves on being a straightforward financial institution. They are open for business 7 days a week and make it clear that this is early and late opening hours. They have a quick and easy current account switch service and have free transactions in Europe. In terms of payment cards and saving accounts, they have a Master Card Pay Pass debit card. There is also an instant access savings account, a savers instant access cash ISA and a fixed term savings account.
  • Metro Bank aim to bring back the traditional banking service across their stores, with the aim of having a traditional face-to-face service. There is no need to book an appointment to discuss banking needs; they also allow customers to walk away from their meeting with a card and cheque book so that customers may utilize an account almost immediately.
What types of funding does Metro Bank offer?

Metro Bank is best known for its straightforward lending to customers; they also have a business finance division:

General Business Banking:

  • Invoice Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Factoring
How much funding can you apply for?

Metro Bank is now a publicly trading bank and there is no stated upper limit on what can be raised.

What type of invoice finance does Metro Bank offer?

Aldermore Bank is now a publicly traded bank and there is no stated upper limit on what can be raised.

What type of invoice finance does Metro Bank offer?

The company allows you to retain full control of your sales ledger and relationship with customers; they also allow the option of a factoring facility to be put in.

There are many advantages to the facility, as it remains confidential and is not disclosed to the customer, it generates up to 85% of the value of sales invoices which are received immediately, increases the working capital of a business, it is tailor-made for the businesses needs, there is growth in line with a business and there is the ability to secure supplier discounts as payment can be provided early.

Ive been a customer with metrobank for 5years+ and i can say the bad feedback is highly exaggerated, their contact centres are open 24/7 thoughout the year even on xmas day and answer within seconds. Their stores are open 7 days a week, week days till 8pm. Their staff are so polite and ive worked in other banks before and the only reason your account would be closed is if you recieve large value funds into your account from high risk countries associated with MoneyLaundering, and you must provide proof of where/why those funds reach your account (standard procedure for all banks). And alot of feedback on how bad it is that their internet banking is high security???!!! Would you rather be safe or sorry? Besides, all that they ask you to enter is a CustomerNumber(user name), security number(which you would have created) and a password(which again you would have created) so if you dont know your own details than thats your fault/ and your own stupidity. And credit checks for current accounts are standard procedure, if you fail that, they offer you a cash account instead, (which is a basic card you can use to receive wages and make payments/purchases). Theyre the only bank that dont work on targets, i.e. who can open the most accounts, or see the most customers, its all based on customer service and thats how the staff are graded. I have closed all my other accounts with other banks and have a current account, cash card account, savings account, overdraft and a credit card. The only thing i dont like is their stores are pet friendly towards dogs, but then again im a cat person. Otherwise they are the best bank!!! And thats coming from someone whos worked for HSBC, BARCLAYS AND LLOYDS. Theyve only been open for such little time yet are achieving such great things. I love you metrobank!!!!

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Key Stats

Aldermore Bank
Metro bank outlines that they are a straightforward bank. They offer clear products for customers; offering savings accounts, current accounts and mortgages. Stores are open 7 days a week with 24/7-telephone banking, internet banking and a personal mobile banking app.

Metro see themselves as an entrepreneurial bank, which takes deposits and is able to make easy and quick lending decisions due to their manual underwriting process. The main events of Metro Bank in recent days were Metro Bank joining the London Stock Exchange 
on 10th March 2016 
and raising £400 million 
on 8th March 2016.

CEO Information:
Craig Donaldson
Aldermore Bank



Lead Investor:
Fidelity, Steven Cohen, the LeFraks and the Reuben brothers

Company Number:

One Southampton Row
United Kingdom
Date published: 18/01/2016
2.8 / 5 stars
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