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Lloyds Bank plc is one of the largest UK banks. Lloyds offers trade finance to a select customer base of international and domestically trading companies. As with other banks, they will look at the strength of the company, jurisdiction of the buyers and supplier, creditworthiness of all parties, history; amongst other elements.

Lloyds Bank is a British commercial and retail bank; where physical branches are spread across England and Wales. Historically, it was one of the main four clearing banks in the UK. The bank has operated since the 1760s out of Birmingham.

Lloyds Bank holds the post of being the largest retail bank in Britain, and is well known for the large network of ATMs and branches throughout England and Wales. There are purported to be around 15 million customers of the bank.

Lloyds Bank trades as a public listed company and previously was widely known as Lloyds TSB up to 2013. Lloyds has been operating for over 250 years and the main office is in Gresham Street, London, UK. As well as banking and lending products, they also offer insurance. This is managed by over 45,000 staff.

Lloyds is able to provide financial assistance at each stage of the life cycle of a company.

Lloyds Commercial Banking Invoice and Trade Finance

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    Lloyds Financial Services – Benefits

    • Lloyds Commercial Finance claim to be market leading for invoice finance, in terms of client numbers – source Business Money March 2015.
    • As one of the largest retail banks in the UK, with strong positions in a number of sectors, Lloyds Banking Group serves over 30 million people.
    What types of funding does Lloyds Commercial Banking offer?

    The trade finance funding that Lloyds are able to offer, include:

    How much funding can you apply for?

    Businesses are usually split into three borrowers:

    Small company (lower than £300k)
    Medium company (under £5m)
    Large company (over £5m)

    What specialist teams are there?
    • Aerospace and defence
    • Real Estate, Construction and Building
    • Government
    • Education and community
    • Energy and resources
    • Financial institutions
    • Hotels
    • Healthcare
    • Leisure
    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Professional practices
    • Consumer and retail products
    • Media and telecoms
    What type of invoice finance does Lloyds offer?

    As mentioned above, Lloyds offers a range of debt finance facilities from invoice factoring and discounting to trade finance.

    What invoice finance facilities do Lloyds Commercial Finance offer?

    Lloyds Invoice Finance, Factoring and Discounting facilities table

    There are also alternative, more niche financial solutions, such as construction and recruitment finance offered in specialist offices.

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    Key Stats


    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd


    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance have a proud history of supporting thousands of UK businesses by funding a variety of assets across a range of industries, giving them the opportunity to grow and flourish. They take pride in their clear, group wide commitment to deep, long-term relationships, which is why Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance is a leading provider of Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and Asset Based Lending.

    CEO Information:

    Andrew Bester
    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd



    Lead Investor:
    Privately Funded

    Company Number:


    25 Gresham Street
    EC2V 7HN
    United Kingdom


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    Date published: 12/11/2016
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      Most Popular Types of Trade Finance


      Global construction project finance for the purchase of raw materials, or a working capital boost secured against POs or invoices.
      Construction Finance


      Structured hard and soft commodity and raw material financing for specialist transactions which don’t fit under vanilla asset financing.
      Structured Commodity finance


      Invoice factoring and discounting facilities for recruiters across many sectors to ease cash flow and secure more contracts.
      Recruitment Finance


      Wholesale, fleet and retail finance for automotives for manufacturers, distributors and car resellers.
      Automotive Finance

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