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Barclays is the seventh largest banking institution in the world and is a British multinational financial services company with its headquarters in London. They function in retail, investment banking and the wholesale market and operate across a multitude of areas, such as credit cards, mortgage lending and wealth management. Barclays work in around 50 countries; have around 48 million customers and over US$2.42 trillion of assets.

Barclays offer many trade finance products, which include bonds, guarantees and indemnities, letters of credit, standby letters of credit and discounting.

There are many areas of trade finance that Barclays touches. This includes import letters of credit, revolving letters of credit, standby letters of credit, re-financing letters of credit, import documentary collections, negotiation of export letters of credit documents, invoice discounting and post-dated cheque discounting.

Why use Barclays Corporate?

Why choose Barclays.

Barclays Trade Finance and Commercial Finance – Benefits

Barclays is one of the largest banking and financial services providers in the world. Their main areas of interest are retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking and investment management. The main areas of the bank are Barclaycard, Barclays Investment Bank, Barclays Wealth, Barclays Africa Group and Barclays Bank.

What types of funding does Barclays offer?
  • Credit cards
  • Consumer banking
  • Business banking
  • Investment banking
  • Private banking
  • Wealth management
  • Mortgage loans
  • Insurance
How much funding can you apply for at Barclays Corporate?

Barclays ranks as one of the largest financial institutions in the world; there is no hard rule on their maximum funding limit on different facilities.

What type of invoice finance does Barclays offer?

Barclays allows clients to release cash that is trapped in their invoices, which is kept for up to 24 hours. Clients are able to get up to 85% of the value of those invoices advanced with the remainder coming when a customer settles the amount. Barclays allows online access to a sales ledger status and electronic payment requests.

What are the charges for Barclays Finance?

Barclays sits as one of the largest current account holders in the world and provides many types of complementary lending to borrowers of various sizes. Just like other big banks, in relation to business lending like invoice discounting, they allow a company to control their own sales ledger with the option to provide a confidential invoice discounting service. Barclays can also assist in managing the sales ledger and credit control of the business.

What are the charges for commercial finance?

The cost of borrowing from Barclays is at a lower rate when compared to smaller funders, as their primary access to capital is from deposits an the money markets. The value charged will be measured on the risk weighting attributed to a company.

Popular Types of Trade Finance

Barclays Corporate

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Barclays PLC
Barclays is one of the largest banking and financial services providers in the world.
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